Watch, Comfort (or Discipline!) Your Pets from Anywhere with a Pet Cam

Whether you consider yourself a pet parent or simply a dog or cat owner, a “pet cam” is a handy monitoring device that let’s you see what your pet is doing when you’re not around. Like a nanny cam for your furry friends, you can use a pet cam to spy on your pet when you’re in another part of the house. Some pet cams even let you watch from a smartphone so you can check up on Spot when he’s home alone. And if your pet likes to roam, there are even pet video cameras that attach to their collar so you can see where they go on their adventures!pet cam

Pet cams are designed to give families with pets the same peace-of-mind that baby monitors and nanny cams provide to parents. Here’s an overview of some of the latest pet cam models and features you will want to look for.


In-Home Viewing

If you want to keep an eye on your pet because he’s sick or to make sure he’s not chewing up your favorite rug, an indoor pet cam is for you. Like baby monitors, basic indoor pet monitoring systems such as Motorola’s SCOUT66 WiFi Pet Video Camera that turns any compatible smartphone, tablet, or computer into a fully functional pet video monitoring system. The free motion detection sends alerts of high and low temperatures so you’ll know if your pet is happy, comfortable and well behaved while you’re not home.  Many indoor pet cams like the SCOUT66 have two-way communications to you can also speak or listen to your pet.


View from Anywhere

Whether you are sitting in the office or out for a stroll around the block, an IP or WiFi pet cam allows you to peek in and speak to your pet from anywhere at anytime using your smartphone, tablet or PC.   The unique Amaryllo’s iCam HD pet cam uses Skype’s peer-to-peer technology instead of a third party server so you get better audio and video clarity and transmission. It you prefer to use a WiFi connection, the SCOUT66 by Motorola connects wirelessly to your home’s WiFi router.


Share your Pet’s Adventures

Would you like to see the world through the eyes of your pet? You can with a miniature pet video cam attached to their collar. Available in two styles – one for cats and small animals and the other for dogs and larger pets – both EYENIMAL Pet Video Cams have a 4GB flash memory that films up to two-and-a-half hours of sound and video. The EYENIMAL’S plug-and-play feature makes it easy for anyone to use.


EYENIMAL Pet Video CamAdditional Features

Here are some other important features to look for when deciding which type of pet cam is best for you:

> Remote control of the camera – Let’s you pan, tilt, and zoom so you can follow your pet’s movements.

> Extra cameras – If you have multiple pets or want to watch the action in more than one room, get a two-camera system.

> Two-way communication – Gives you the ability to comfort (or discipline!) your pet when you aren’t right there.

> Night vision – In dark or dimly lit rooms, a camera with infrared night vision is a must.

> Room temperature monitor – Keep your pets comfortable and safe by knowing if your heat or A/C is working properly.


Other Uses for your Pet Cam

Using a pet cam to spy on pets can be very entertaining. It’s also a good way to keep them safe when they are out of sight or you’re away. Pet cams can also double as child monitors or provide a way to monitor your home for intruders. Some pet cams, like the Diamond Plugnview, which can be programmed to send motion detection alerts, will also let you watch live video from your mobile device.

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