Dad Picks a Smartphone-Controlled Wireless Home Security System for Daughter’s New Home

When our friend Jack helped his 28-year-old single daughter Emma move into her new home in Boston, installing a wireless home security system was his top priority. (Removing the ugly wallpaper was her top priority, but since DIY Dad offered to buy and install a security system, she gratefully acquiesced!) “Naturally Emma’s safety is important to us,” Jack said, “so we looked for a security system rated high in user-friendliness so she’d be more likely to use it. Knowing that young people live and breathe by their smartphones these days, I choose a DIY security system by Oplink that she can control completely using her iPhone.”Oplink Wireless Security Systems


Cloud-Based Security

Oplink makes wireless home security systems that communicate with the Oplink Cloud through the Internet. You control the entire system with your smartphone or tablet from wherever you are. The easy-to-use mobile app is free to download. Jack liked that the Oplink system allows for multiple users and up to five emergency contacts.  He set up Emma’s system so that he and his wife will also receive alarm alerts if there’s an event at Emma’s house. They’ll also be able to manage the system if Emma is away or if they need access to the house when she’s not home (like when he comes back to tackle that wallpaper job!).


What You Get

Oplink offers two wireless security system packages – the AlarmShield and the TripleShield. The basic AlarmShield system comes with an Oplink Processing Unit (OPU), two door/window sensors, a motion sensor, emergency siren, and two key fob remotes.  Both packages are expandable so sensors and cameras can be added at any time, as well as a remote-controlled “smart plug” that lets you turn lights or appliances on using your smartphone.Oplink Security TripleShield Wireless System

Jack choose the more advanced Oplink TripleShield system for Emma because the TripleShield comes with two compact IP video surveillance cameras that double as motion detectors and have built-in microphones and night vision.

“Using her smartphone, Emma will be able to see and hear what’s going on in her house before she enters,” Jack explained. “Another great feature is that the Oplink IP camera will go into an auto-record mode if it senses an intruder and send out a video alert to all of our smartphones. The video is also saved in the processing unit’s memory so it’s available if she needs it for legal evidence.”


Installation in Minutes

Jack told me that it took literally minutes to set up the Oplink system in Emma’s house. “It really is a plug-n-play system,” he said. “First you plug in the Oplink Processing Unit (OPU) into your home’s router, then download the free Oplink app (available for iOS, Android and Windows devices), and then place the sensors and cameras wherever you want. Everything you need is in the package. After your system is set up, you can rename each sensor so that any alerts you get are more helpful and meaningful.”


Added Fire Protection

Oplink Security Connected Fire Wireless SystemLike most homes, Emma’s house has battery-powered smoke and CO detectors. “These kinds of alarms work well when someone is home to hear them, but they don’t do any good if you’re out…and between her job and social life, Emma is out a lot!” Jack said.

So he added an Oplink Security Sonic and Heat Sensor to Emma’s security system that will “hear” if her smoke or CO detector goes off and send out an alert to her smartphone. The sensor also detects and alerts if the ambient temperature exceeds the temperature threshold.   (Jack and his wife liked the idea of receiving smoke detector alerts on their smartphones so much they got the stand-alone Oplink Connected Fire system for their own house.)


Priced Right and Portable

The pricing on the two Oplink wireless home security systems was easily within Jack’s budget — under $300 for the TripleShield package which includes the two surveillance cameras and under $150 for the AlarmShield system. Basic Oplink in-app email alerts and in-app automation control service is free.  There is nominal monthly service fee for adding multiple contacts, push notifications and live video alerting and viewing, but Emma is able to cover that herself. And because nothing is hard-wired, she’ll be able to bring the entire system with her when she moves to her next home.


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