Cyber Monday Gifts for Every Budget – All Less than $100

Here’s a roundup of gift suggestions to fit every holiday shopper’s budget, from under $25 to under $100. Whether you’re shopping for families, seniors or children, there’s a gift solution here to make Cyber Monday shopping a snap!   Gift Ideas Under $25   Protect Kids and Adults on the Road at Night Wearing a super bright, … [Read more...]

Black Friday Gift Guide — Cool Gifts with a Purpose!


The secret to making Black Friday more fun is simple – avoid the crowds by shopping online and pick gifts that are cool to give and cool to receive. What makes a gift “cool?” Simple. It’s something that makes life easier or more interesting and fits the recipient's lifestyle! Here is our Black Friday lineup of cool gifts that are guaranteed to wow … [Read more...]

Kickstart Holiday Shopping With These Unique Gift Ideas


It's alway more fun to give a gift that's new and different, but choosing a really unique gift can be difficult and time consuming.  That's why we're here to kickstart your holiday shopping with this list of novel gift ideas.  We picked items that will make unusual and exciting gifts -- and narrowed our choices down to products that people will … [Read more...]

8 Ways to Ensure Family Safety and Summer Fun!

Summer fun means sunny days, beaches, pool parties and backyard barbecues, but for those of us in charge of the brood, it also means making sure the family is safe while they’re having a good time.  If family safety is your priority, we’re here to help with these 8 summer safety tips and some ingenious devices designed to protect your loved ones … [Read more...]

Protect Appliances & Home During the Next Summer Power Outage

power outage alarm

Power outages are inevitable in the summertime and the consequences can be serious.  Common causes include severe weather, lightning strikes and high winds.  The results of a power outage range from minor inconveniences, such as no lights or TV, to more critical situations like food spoilage, inoperable medical devices and no running water or air … [Read more...]