Wireless TV Headphones also Great for Video Games, iPod & Radios

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Gamers and music fans are discovering all of the great the benefits of wearing wireless TV headphones -- better sound clarity, privacy and being able to crank up the volume without disturbing others -- when playing their favorite video games or listening to music on an iPod or radio.  Interestingly, these are the same reasons people with hearing … [Read more...]

Home Maintenance Checklist for Spring — Tackle Repairs Now to Avoid Big Expenses Later


With the harsh winter finally behind us, now is a good time to check your home for storm-related damage and take care of routine spring home maintenance chores.   You can save yourself a lot of money by addressing small repairs immediately.  Here’s a checklist of important home maintenance tasks you can tackle in a only one or two do-it-yourself … [Read more...]

Housebound Again? Use the Time to Tackle a 1-Hour DIY Home Project

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If another storm has you cooped up in the house again, why not make good use of the time and tackle one of these easy DIY home projects?  Rather than spending the day thinking about what didn’t get done at work today, channel your productivity into installing one or more of these innovative DIY products to make your home a safer, easier place to … [Read more...]

Living Alone: Senior Safety and Security at Home

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My friend Eileen’s 90-year-old mother was recently widowed, but nevertheless insisted on staying put in her home despite her children’s concerns for her safety and security.  Although their mother is healthy and independent and still drives herself around town, Eileen and her brother noticed many safety and security risks around her house that … [Read more...]

Personal Sound Amplifier Let’s You Join the Conversation


Removes Background Noise and Amplifies Sound If you or someone you know has trouble participating in conversations or hearing well in places like noisy restaurants, classrooms or theaters, than a personal sound amplifier may be the perfect solution for better listening.  Personal sound amplifiers remove annoying background noises and amplify … [Read more...]