Why You Need a Pool Alarm

A pool alarm is one of the best investments you can make if you have any kind of swimming pool or spa in your backyard. With a pool alarm watching over your pool, you can greatly reduce the risk of babies, young children, pets and non-swimmers of all ages from accidentally drowning in your backyard. If you don’t have a pool alarm yet, here are the top reasons why you should get one today to protect your family and others:pool alarms


1) Protect Your Own Children

Most people buy a pool alarm to protect their own children, especially if they have babies or little ones who cannot swim. A traditional pool alarm like the PoolEye PE23 Alarm System mounts on the side of the pool and alarms when someone or something enters or falls into the pool. For extra protection, your child can wear the new Safety Turtle 2.0 Wristband Immersion Alarm that is triggered as soon as a child wearing the special wristband gets his or her arm wet.


2) Protect Neighborhood Children

PoolEye Above Ground Pool Alarm System PE12Children are naturally curious and water is a big attraction to them! A pool alarm is a good way to protect wandering children in your neighborhood who can’t resist the urge to play in your pool. An extra-loud pool alarm, like the 120 decibel PE12 subsurface wave detection alarm by Smartpool, would likely get the attention of your neighbors or passerby if you aren’t home. As a backup, you can also install a Pool Watchdog Safety Camera that sends an email or text message alert to your smartphone if someone enters the pool area.


3) Protect Pets and Animals

Dogs, cats, and other animals are just as susceptible to pool accidents as children are. A good choice to protect lightweight pets and small wild animals is the Pool Patrol PA-30 that floats on the water’s surface and alarms when anyone or anything heavier than 8 pounds falls into the water and makes waves. For dogs and cats of all sizes, the Safety Turtle system offers special immersion tags that clip onto your pet’s collar.


4) It’s the Law!

Poolguard Gate Alarm GAPT-2Most cities and states have pool safety laws that require homeowners to have a pool alarm and/or a pool gate alarm. A pool door or gate alarm is another type of safety barrier that sounds a loud and immediate alert when someone opens the door or gate leading to the pool area. The big advantage of a pool door or gate alarm is it gives the homeowner the opportunity to intervene before the intruder gets near the water. Check with your municipality to learn what is mandated in your community — a pool alarm, a pool fence, a pool door or gate alarm, or all of the above.


Shopping for a Pool Alarm

Choosing the best pool alarm for your backyard pool or spa can seem confusing since there are so many types and technologies available today. Start by looking at the pool alarm selections on these comparison charts for above-ground pools and in-ground pools. Some models can be used on either type of pool. To learn more about the different detection technologies, read the blog articles “Everything you Need to Know about Above-Ground Pool Alarms” and “In-ground Pool Alarm Shopping Guide.”¬†

To keep uninvited guests and curious children out of your backyard spa or hot tub, we recommend the Pool Patrol PA-30 floating pool alarm that comes with a remote receiver to set up in your house. If the alarm is triggered, it will sound at your spa or hot tub and and inside your house (up to a distance of approximately 200 feet).


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