Power Failure Alarm — A “Must Have” for CPAP and O2 Machine Users

Anyone who sleeps with a CPAP or oxygen concentrator knows the panicky feeling that comes when you can’t breathe because there’s a midnight power failure and your machine stops working. Some heavy sleepers may not even wake up, despite losing their critical air supply!  And although most oxygen concentrators have a power outage alarm, users with hearing loss may not hear the alarm, especially if their machine is down the hall or in another room. To prevent a power outage from turning into a medical crisis, a handy device called a power failure alarm is the answer.power failure alarm for CPAP and Oxygen machines


What is a Power Failure Alarm?

A power failure alarm is an audible alarm that is activated when the power goes out. For people who sleep with a breathing machine, the louder the alarm, the better.

The Power Failure Alarm by CSH Inc. is our pick for an affordable, basic alarm because it emits an extra loud 85 to 90 dB buzzing sound.  Its control box and alarm are at the end of a 15-foot cord that can be mounted right next to the user’s bed, so it’s the perfect solution for the hearing impaired or in homes where the oxygen machine is located outside the bedroom. It also features a piggyback-style plug so a lamp or other electric appliance can utilize the same outlet and has a 9-volt battery for 36+ hours of backup power.


Add a Safety Light to Prevent Falls

Reliance Controls THP207 PowerOUT! Power Failure Alarm & LED Safety LightNothing is more startling than being woken up in the middle of the night by a loud noise, like the sound of your power failure alarm warning you that the power is out. To protect yourself or a loved one from tripping because the room is dark or you’re drowsy, add a power outage safety light that turns on automatically and illuminates the room.

The Datexx LED Sentina Safety Light, for example, shines brightly for 8 hours during a power outage. It also has a motion-sensing feature, making it a great nightlight for everyday usage. Another good choice is the Reliance Controls PowerOUT! Safety Light that lights up and buzzes like an alarm clock during a power outage, making it a good backup to extra loud CHS Power Failure Alarm.


Other Uses for Power Failure Alarms

Power Failure Alarm / Failed Circuit AlarmPower failure alarms are handy to have in any home, especially the kind that also alert you of a tripped circuit which can critically affect home appliances like refrigerators, freezers and computers. Some power failure alarms can be combined with an autodialer that will call you on the phone if the power goes out.  A callout power failure alarm system like the one made by Rokonet is ideal for monitoring an unoccupied vacation house. And for homes without a landline phone connection, there are now cellular power out alarms that can be used to get alerts for everything from temperature extremes to flooding to sump pump failures, in addition to power outages.

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