There are Countless Ways to Use this Inexpensive Home Automation System

Did you know that for less than $75 you can have a home automation system that lets you remotely control any light, device or appliance in your house? The number of ways you can use a lighting and appliance home automation system like this are countess. Here are just a few:

  • Skylink's Home Automation System remotely controls lights and appliancesStarting the coffee maker when you wake up in the morning so it’s always fresh-brewed;
  • Turning the interior lights on before entering a dark house;
  • Dimming the light in the baby’s room after she falls asleep without having to climb up the stairs;
  • Lighting the outdoor Christmas tree – and turning it off at bedtime — while standing inside your warm house;
  • And never again having to crawl underneath the living room Christmas tree to turn the lights on or off!

The system I like is by Skylink. First of all, it’s very affordable — each Skylink component is sold separately, so you only buy what you need. Later on, if there are additional things you want to automate, you can easily expand the system by purchasing extra components. Secondly, installation is simple with no complicated wiring instructions – all of control units either plug into a wall socket or screw into a light bulb socket. Another great feature is that the system has a wireless transmission range of up to 500 feet, so it’s capable of operating an entire house.

Get Started for Under $75

Here’s a rundown of what you need to get create a basic home automation system to remotely control one lamp, one appliance like a coffee maker, and an outdoor spotlight:

Skylink TC-318-10  Handheld Wireless Remote Transmitter1) Remote Control Transmitter

Skylink’s handheld transmitters are about the size of a credit card and nearly as slim. Choose from a 7-button, 10-button and 14-button remote depending upon the number of lights and appliances you want to control. Dimming and zone control (i.e., using one button on the remote to control one or several units in a “zone”) is possible with all of these models. Priced at less than $20 each, you can buy extra remote controls so you can carry one with you or leave a few others around the house in handy places.

Skylink's PL-318 Remote Controllable On/Off Plug-In Dimmer2) Plug-In Lighting Controller and Dimmer

The Remote Controllable On/Off Plug-In Dimmer gives you complete control (on, off or dim) of a 300-watt lamp from as far as away as 500 feet. Installation is easy — your lighting fixture plugs into the unit, and the unit plugs into the AC outlet. If your lamp is more than 500 feet away, choose the Skylink model that has a “repeater” which adds another 500 feet to the operating range. Both models sell for around $25.

Skylink's PA-318 Plug-In Indoor/Outdoor Controller3) Plug-In Lighting and Appliance Controller

This waterproof unit turns lamps and appliances on and off from up to 500 feet away and is designed for indoor or outdoor use. It’s more heavy-duty than the Lighting Controller/Dimmer and can operate devices up to 1500 watts, so you can use it to control appliances like coffee makers, space heaters, pool pumps and outdoor lighting. Sells for around $25.

Home automation systems like this one by Skylink are handy in any home or vacation cottage and make great gifts, especially for seniors who will appreciate the convenience of not having to get up to turn lamps and appliances on and off.

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