Projection Clock Ends Nighttime Question “What Time is It?”

The projection clock we gave my elderly mother was the perfect solution to her nighttime dilemma of not being able to read the bedside clock. Because it was so hard for her to roll over in bed, she had difficulty maneuvering so she could face the clock. And even if she was able to position herself to see the clock, she still couldn’t read the numbers without her reading glasses on!

Poor mom was fatigued and frustrated almost every single night. Like so many older people, she was a poor sleeper and rarely slept straight through to daybreak. “It’s just awful not knowing what time it is, especially in the middle of the night,” she said. “I never know whether morning is coming in one hour or five hours!”Projection clock


What is a Projection Clock?

A projection alarm clock displays the time onto a wall or ceiling in a size large enough for most people to read without glasses.  Many projection clocks have a swivel feature that makes it easy to point the display at exactly the right spot where the numbers can be seen just by glancing up.  For my mother, a projection clock solved her problem of not being able to read the time.

The first night my mother tried out her new projection clock (hers is the Smart Living Alarm Clock made by Oregon Scientific), she was thrilled to be able to see what time it was without twisting in bed or fumbling for her reading glasses. She also likes some of the clock’s other features, including how it automatically sets itself to the U.S. Atomic Clock so it never needs adjusting for Daylight Saving Time, the large LCD display and the indoor/outdoor thermometer.

Oregon Scientific Smart Living Projection Clock, Slim, with Indoor/Outdoor Temperature

Good for Students Too

Since Mom was so happy with her projection alarm clock, we decided to get one for our college-aged son who was having difficulty getting up for classes. In addition to projecting the time directly above his head in big, readable numbers that he can’t possibly miss, his battery-powered Oregon Scientific projection clock has a built-in indoor thermometer and a crescendo alarm with a snooze function.  So far, the projection clock seems to be working and he hasn’t missed a single morning classes since he began using it.

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