Pool Leveler Fills Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs Automatically

Swimming pool ownership comes with a very long list of maintenance requirements, so it’s good to know that there’s an inexpensive device called a pool leveler that eliminates one of the many time-consuming pool chores.  A pool water leveler acts as a pool filler and automatically adds the right amount of water to your pool.  It also turns the water off when your ideal water level is reached.

Losing water is inevitable

Pools lose water for lots of reasons, including evaporation from the sun and wind, as well as from leaky liners and splashing swimmers.  Filling the pool with additional water is a necessary task that can be a real hassle if your garden hose isn’t conveniently located near your swimming pool.  Plus, you have to remember to keep checking the water level and turn off the faucet before the pool overfills.  With a pool leveler, water is added whenever the pool water level falls below the level you have set.  Your presence or involvement isn’t required.

Low pool water causes problems

An underfilled swimming pool can damage expensive equipment.  If the water level in your pool drops below the skimmer, the pump can run dry and result in serious damage to the pump motor.  Pool owners who travel often rely on professional pool services to maintain their pool while they’re away, including monitoring the water level.  Installation of a pool leveler means one less task you have to pay someone else to do.  You’ll also save on your water bill since there will be no more wasted water.

Easy to hook-up, requires no electricity

Pool water levelers can be used on almost any style swimming pool, as well as most hot tubs, spas, and fish ponds.  The unit is placed on the pool deck at the water’s edge (or attached to the side of the above-ground pool with special brackets) and attached to a good grade garden hose.  The water is left in the “on” position.  An adjustable float valve turns the water on and off as it rises and falls, based on your water level settings.  The mechanism is controlled by water pressure, not electricity, so it is completely safe and requires no special installation.  The pool leveler unit is weighted so it stays in place but can be moved easily by unscrewing the hose.

Pool levelers that fit both above-ground and in-ground swimming pools can be purchased for under $100 and are ideal for busy pool owners looking to minimize pool maintenance chores.

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