How to make your iPod® Music Float

What’s better than a floating iPod® that you can use in your swimming pool or hot tub?  How about a floating speaker that brings your music to the water and safely distances your iPod from the splashing water!?  The Swimline PoolTunes Floating Pool Speaker and Transmitter is a cool new device that wirelessly broadcasts music from your iPod to a floating speaker as far as 100 feet away.

The PoolTunes floating speaker — which is waterproof and submersible in up to three feet of water for up to 30 minutes — is also totally portable and eliminates the hassle of rigging outdoor speaker wiring.  Set-up is easy — just plug the transmitter into the earphone jack on your iPod (or other digital music player with a standard mini style output jack) and you can enjoy your music in and around your pool or hot tub.

In addition to listening in the water, our users have discovered lots of other places to enjoy their wireless speaker, including in their garden or on their deck or patio.  One user told us that she listened to her favorite podcasts and e-books on her Swimline PoolTunes floating speaker while she did her household chores.  Because the wireless speaker is so portable, she could set up her iPod and transmitter in the kitchen and carry the speaker with her as she went from room to room.

The Swimline PoolTunes Floating Pool Speaker and Transmitter uses standard alkaline batteries and features a full-range 3 watt speaker and an LED pool light for after-hours illumination.  Floating speakers make a great gift for any music lover who wants to bring their iPod tunes with them – even if they don’t have a backyard pool or hot tub!

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