Pet Accessories for the Working Family

If you’re feeling guilty about leaving your pet home alone all day while you’re at work, you’ll be happy to know that there are a number of automated pet accessories that will keep your furry friends happy and healthy while you are gone. From automatic feeders and waterers to smartphone-connected nanny cams specially designed for checking up on pets, here’s a quick look at some of our favorite pet accessories that make pet care easier for working families.


Automatic Pet Feeders

An automatic pet feeder is a great way to ensure that your pet has an adequate — but controlled — supply of food while you are at work. In fact, automatic pet feeders are so convenient, many pet owners use them all of the time simply to reduce pet care chores and prevent pets from overeating. They are also handy for people with busy, unpredictable schedules or for pet owners who are elderly or disabled.

  • Eyenimal Electronic Pet Feeder- N-4296Indoor Pet Feeders  If your pet enjoys dry food, an automatic pet feeder will keep her full and satisfied. We suggest a programmable gravity food system that dispenses portion-controlled amounts of food at set times. The Eyeanimal Electronic Pet Feeder, for instance, holds up to 11 pounds of dry dog or cat food and dishes out up to three meals per day.


  • Outdoor Pet Feeders If you have dogs, cats or other pets that live outside including horses, goats, rabbits, ferrets or fish in ponds the Ergo Systems Outdoor Automatic Pond or Pet Feed is specially designed for outdoor environments and holds 10 pounds of dry food.  It has an airtight cover that keeps food fresh and a large opening in the food store bin that makes it easy to fill with pet food.


Automatic Pet Waterers

A constant supply of cool, clean drinking water is essential for all pets. On days when youre not around to refresh your pets water bowl, an automatic pet waterer provides pet with refreshing, healthy water.

  • K&H Pet Products KH25 Clean Flow Bowl with ReservoirIndoor Pet Waterers — For cats and small dogs, the Eyenimal Pet Fountain holds up to 50 ounces and provides a continuous bubbling stream of water to encourage them to drink more throughout the day. For multiple pets and larger dogs, try the large size (3.5 gallon) K&H Clean Flow Bowl with a Reservoir that filters the water up to 130 times per hour to keep it fresh and tasty and help remove impurities.


  • Outdoor Pet Waterers — To provide outdoor animals with an ongoing supply of fresh water when the weather is warm, choose either this bowl or wall/fence mountable outdoor pet waterer, both of which attach to an ordinary garden hose and refill as needed. During cold weather months, the electric K&H Stainless Steel Thermal Bowl keeps pets hydrated and prevents water from freezing. It holds up to 120 ounces of water and uses only 25 watts.


WiFi Pet Cam

Motorola Wi-Fi Pet Video Camera - SCOUT66Do you ever wonder what your pets do when you’re away? With a WiFi pet cam, you can peek in and even talk to them using your smartphone, tablet or PC. We like the Motorola SCOUT66 WiFi Pet Video Camera that connects wirelessly to your homes WiFi router and allows you to access and control the camera remotely via the secure, free Hubble app. The SCOUT66 also sends you sound, motion and room temperature notifications to ensure you that your pet is always safe and comfortable.


Other Tips for Home Alone Pets

Setting up your home with one or all of these automated pet accessories will help keep your pet happy and safe while you’re at work. Here are some other pet care tips from Dr. Marty Becker, DVM for animals who are home alone for an extended period of time each day.

  1. Make sure your pet has constructive ways to occupy his time when you’re not around. Dogs love the chewing on a Kong toy stuffed with treats. Most cats enjoy catnip-scented toys and small balls that they can chase.
  2. Leave the radio tuned to a calming classical station or a talk radio show.
  3. Hire a dog walker to take your pet our for a walk or run and relieve his bladder.
  4. Consider getting your pet a buddy. Many dogs love the company of a feline companion and visa versa.
  5. When you arrive home, be sure to give your pet some quality play time and attention. Dogs and cats are social animals and they truly enjoy your company!

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