Pool Gate and Door Alarms Provide Affordable Protection

Pool gate and door alarms are probably one of the most affordable and effective ways to prevent young children and non-swimmers from entering your pool area without supervision. Even though most municipalities require homeowners to erect a four-foot fence around backyard swimming pools, the pool fence gate and any household doors that open to the pool area can be a weak link in keeping curious youngsters out of the water. In fact, most states require door alarms on any door leading to the pool area if the house serves as one side of the barrier. By alarming all gates and doors leading to the pool area, you’ll be alerted as soon as a child or trespasser passes through so you can intervene before they’re at risk of drowning.


How a Pool Gate and Door Alarm Works

A pool gate or door alarm sounds a siren when the gate or door is opened. Most gate and door alarms are battery-powered and easy to install. If a child manages to open the gate or door, a piercing siren alerts nearby adults that someone has entered the pool area. Common features include:

  • Alarms sounds continuously or intermittently until the reset button is pushed or the battery expires.
  • Most models have a 6 to 7 second activation delay allowing adults to pass through without setting off the alarm (alarm can be silenced by entering a code or pushing the bypass button).
  • Models with a remote receiver can be connected to a home security system so the alarm will be heard inside and outside.
  • Some models fit both fence gates and doors; other models fit only gates or only doors.


Popular Models and Key Features

Poolguard Gate Alarm GAPT-2Poolguard Gate Alarm
  • Can be used on any gate giving access to your pool.
  • Alarm will sound in 7 seconds of gate or door opening, even if it is then closed.
  • Alarm resets automatically so it is always on guard.
  • Siren volume: 85 dB (at 10 feet).


Poolguard Door Alarms
  • Can be used on any household door leading to pool area.
  • Two models:  No delay before alarm sounds and 7 second delay.
  • Alarm resets automatically so it is always on guard.
  • Siren volume: 85 dB (at 10 feet).


Pool Patrol Door / Gate Alarm with Wireless Remote Receiver
  • Mounts to any door, gate or fence.
  • Comes with a remote receiver so alarm will sound at gate or door and in your house (up to approximately 200 feet away).
  • Can be integrated with your home security system.
  • Siren volume:  +/-85 db (at 10 feet).


YardGard Alarm System YG18 Programmable for Gates, Windows, and DoorsYardGard Programmable Alarm
  • Designed for gates, windows and doors.
  • Allows you to program your own entry and exit code.
  • Features a 7 or 15 second delay so adults can pass through using a convenient single button pass / reset operation.
  • Siren volume:  95 dB (at 10 feet).


Add a Pool Alarm for Double Protection

For double protection, swimming pool safety guidelines recommend using both a pool gate or door alarm and a pool alarm so if a child succeeds in getting past the gate alarm, he will still be protected by a pool alarm if he falls into the water. For more information on swimming pool safety, go to “How to Prevent Drowning Accidents in Your Backyard Pool.”

Pool gate and door alarms are an easy, affordable way to protect children and pets from accidental drowning. In many townships, they are required by law.  Check with the building and code department in your community for information on local ordinances regulating pool fences, covers, gates and alarms.

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