Leaving for the Winter? Use Hidden Cameras to Protect Property

One way to protect your primary residence while you are away this winter is to install a hidden camera security system so you can record activity inside your home.  The latest in “covert video surveillance” systems allows homeowners to view live action from anywhere via the Internet, in addition to recording.  Couple your hidden cameras with one or two visible surveillance cameras positioned outside your home to create a two-prong security system.  The threat of being observed by the exterior cameras may scare away potential burglars, and if they do decide to break in anyway, you’ll have a video of the robbery event and incriminating pictures of the intruder.Hidden cameras can protect property


Video Surveillance is Affordable

Home video surveillance systems are more affordable than ever and recent advancements in technology make do-it-yourself systems as multi-functional and reliable as professional installations.

For less than $500, you can get a complete covert video surveillance starter set by KJB Security that includes one hidden camera, a receiver, remote view software and the necessary accessories.  Each of KJB’s SleuthGear Quad systems can support up to four surveillance cameras, so you can place hidden cameras in strategic places throughout the house.

KJB SleuthGear Mantel Clock QUAD

Hidden Cameras are Easy to Hide

Hidden cameras come disguised as all kinds of common household objects – like digital alarm clocks, mantel clocks, oscillating tower fans and smoke detectors – so it’s easy to find one that looks natural in just about any room or setting.



IR Cameras See in the Dark

If you plan to have only one hidden camera, consider making it an infrared (IR) camera that can see and record in total darkness.  KJB Security offers its line of NightOwl hidden cameras that record clearly up to 30 feet away in 100% total darkness.  During the day, NightOwl cameras record in full color.  At night, they switch to black and white video.
KJB Nightowl IR Clock Radio Camera


If your setup will have more than one hidden camera, be sure to include at least one IR camera and place it where you will most likely need the night vision capability, like in the bedroom where you keep your valuables or by whichever entrance you think intruders are most likely to penetrate.



Video Surveillance Helps with Arrests

Having video footage of your break-in can help police with the arrest and prosecution of the intruder:


  • Identification — An intruder caught on tape can be identified by a police officer through facial recognition.  Special software can also be used to match the criminal’s face to an electronic database of mug shots.  These criminals can then be apprehended and caught.
  • Conviction — A surveillance camera video can be used in a court to identify a criminal. If the camera catches them on tape committing a crime, the evidence is nearly indisputable that the suspect is indeed guilty.


Source:  eHow.com — How Do Surveillance Cameras Help Prevent Crime?


Other Ways to Safeguard Your Home While You’re Away

Before leaving your primary residence for your winter retreat, there are a number of other important steps you should take to safeguard your home in addition to installing hidden cameras.  The article “Protect & Winterize Home Before Heading South: Tips for Snowbirds” has a helpful checklist of ways winterize your home and protect your property.

2 thoughts on “Leaving for the Winter? Use Hidden Cameras to Protect Property

  1. Seems really a innovative way for home monitoring. Hidden Cameras in digital alarm clocks and oscillating tower fans!! Just want to know is it really easy to install? I like this service. Not only for any leave in winter rather it would be intelligent to be remained secured because we can never really tell what could happen and when.. 🙁 So better we have to cautious in every way and everyday. Home security system is really important.

    1. We agree…home security is important for protecting your family and property, and hiding surveillance cameras in everyday items is a clever (and affordable) way to watch what is going on in your home when you’re not there. And note that these hidden cameras by KJB are fully-functioning tower fans, alarm clocks, smoke detectors and mantel clocks, so they do “double duty!”

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