Clever Devices to Ease Back to School Time

For parents and their children, back to school time means new schedules, longer stretches of separation, and opportunities to build independence. Whether your children are starting pre-school, high school or leaving home for college for the first time, the new routines and time apart can be stressful, at least in the beginning. With that in mind, we’ve put together this list of innovative devices to make back to school time safer and easier for your family.Device to ease back-to-school time


Babies and Pre-Schoolers

See and Speak to Baby with a Swipe on your Smartphone or Tablet

Do you ever find yourself sitting on the train or at your desk wondering how your little one is doing at home? With the Diamond PlugnView Remote Baby Monitor, parents can keep tabs on their children from anywhere with a swipe on their iPhone®, iPad® or Android™ device.  Access and monitor live video anytime, anywhere through your smartphone or tablet.  The Diamond PlunView features IR night vision up to 16 feet that lets you view baby even in low light.  Simple to install and operate.  Under $100.

SleuthGear C12407 Digital Alarm Clock with USB Reciever & Remote View


A Very Covert Internet Nanny Cam

If you are looking for a Nanny Cam that you can access online and display covertly in just about any room in the house, here’s a fully self-contained, wireless hidden camera that looks like an ordinary digital alarm clock. Made by SleuthGear, the Digital Wireless Cube Alarm Clock allows you to stream your encrypted video transmission over the Internet and watch your live feed from virtually anywhere via a PC or smart phone. It’s easy to set up and is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista 32bit and Windows.  Priced around $250.


Elementary and Middle School Kids

Keep Kids Safe on Computers & Cell Phones by Monitoring Activity

Cyber bullying, sexting, inappropriate chat rooms and exposure to online pedophiles are real concerns for middle school parents. If you’re concerned about what your child is typing or looking at, the Recover It is the all-in-one cyber safety device that works on both computers and cell phones, including iPhones, Android and Blackberry. Just plug it into the USB port and use it to scan for online chatting and visits to pornographic sites; deleted images, emails, data and Internet cache files; and suspected pornographic images. It can even create a report of what your kids are saying to people online.  Less than $160.


High School and College Students

No More Missed Buses, Classes or Work

Sleeping through the alarm clock is a big problem for lots of high school and college students, but with the Sonic Alert Sonic Bomb Jr Alarm Clock on their nightstand, there will be no more excuses for being late for the bus or work or missing class.  Even the deepest of sleepers will hear its extra loud 102 decibel ringer. And for back-up, the Sonic Alert also has a pulsating, flashing red light and a powerful vibrating bed shaker that slides under the pillow – two features you won’t find on any smartphone alarming system.  Less than $40.


Pyle PSLPWMP5 Waterproof Pedometer & Lap/Calorie Counter with MP3 Player

Motivate Movement and Exercise with a 3-in-1 Pedometer/Lap Counter/Music Player

Walk to class or drive? Go to the snack bar or swim some laps? With the Pyle Waterproof Pedometer & Lap Counter & MP3 Player, students will be encouraged get moving and stay in shape. This innovative 3-in-1 device functions as a pedometer to count steps and calculate distance while walking; a swim lap counter to calculate laps and distance in the pool; and an MP3 player so students can listen to their favorite music while they work out on land or in the water.  Under $60.


Bluetooth Wireless Headset for Silent Multi-Tasking

It’s a fact – most teens like to read and study with their music on. So rather than fight them on it, get them a ClearBlue Bluetooth TV/Audio Amplifying System so they can crank up the volume without disturbing anyone else in the house.  This stylish wireless headset reduces background noise and delivers crystal clear stereo sound.  The system is compatible with all TV, MP3 players and cellular phones and also has a built-in microphone for talking on a cell phone.  Range is up to 33 feet.  About $120.


More Products to Help with Parenting

The store has additional products designed to keep children of all ages safe and make your parenting responsibilities easier during and after the back-to-school season. Take a look at these categories for more solutions or give us a call at 1-800-437-1363 for our advice:

Child Safety; PC Monitoring and Cell Phone Spying; Pedometers; Sonic Boom Alarm Clocks.

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