Choosing a Pool Alarm that Protects Children and Pets

Pool alarms provide invaluable protection for children and pets and are often required by law. Selecting the right  pool alarm is essential for maximum protection. Use this guide to help you choose the ideal pool alarm for your particular situation.

The main factors to consider when selecting a pool alarm are the type and size of the pool, and how the alarm will be armed and disarmed. Some units need to be removed from the pool in order to swim and others need to be manually turned on and off. More sophisticated models can be put into a “swim mode” that will automatically re-arm after the water in the pool becomes still.pool alarms


Traditional Pool Alarms


Water Immersion Wristband Alarm



Equipping your pool with a pool alarm is an excellent way to monitor for unauthorized entry and protect against drowning. But remember that adult supervision is by far the best way to avoid poolside accidents, especially when young children are present.

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