Security is Only One Reason to Get a Driveway Alarm

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Are you a conscientious parent who sits up til all hours of the night waiting for your teens to return home safely? If so, you need a driveway alarm. Are you an anxious hostess who would love advance notice that your dinner guests have arrived? If so, you need a driveway alarm. Do you own a roaming feline and wish kitty could ring the doorbell to signal when she’s ready to come in? Then you too might benefit by having a driveway alarm!

Most homeowners use a driveway alarm for protection against trespassers or intruders, but there are lots of other good uses (like the ones below) for getting a driveway alarm.


What is a Driveway Alarm?

A driveway alarm is a monitor that sends out an alert when a person or vehicle enters your driveway or property. Many driveway alarms are wireless, making installation fast and easy. Other systems are hard-wired, so installation requires burying a wire that connects the transmitter and receiver.When a sensor is triggered, the driveway alarm’s receiver sends out an alert, usually in the form of a chime, beep and/or flashing light. Some systems can also be used to automatically activate interior or exterior lights, surveillance cameras, sirens, etc. And many driveway alarm systems accept multiple sensors so you can monitor more than one location.

Driveway alarms are reasonable priced and easy to install yourself. There are two basic types:

Motion Detection – This type of alarm system uses infrared sensors to detect the movement or motion of people, vehicles and animals up to 30-40 feet away. Sensor(s) can be positioned to detect motion on the driveway, as well as at entrances, in yards or walkways.

Magnetic Metal Detection – If you are solely interested in vehicle movement and want to eliminate false alerts for passing animals or people, get the kind of driveway alarm that uses a metal sensing sensor to detect the movement of iron or steel. These alarms are triggered only when a vehicle near it actually moves, so the probe can be located safely near other metal objects, like a next to a lamppost.


9 Reasons to Get a Driveway Alarm

Security is the number one reason people install driveway alarms, but here are 10 other good reasons for getting one for home or business:

  1. Protect cars and boats parked outside Alerts you of the unexpected – When unexpected people or vehicles enter your driveway or property, your driveway alarm notifies you immediately.
  2. Protects cars, RVs or boats parked on driveway – Anything parked outside is an easy target for thieves. A driveway alarm warns you if someone approaches your vehicle.
  3. Announces deliveries and guests – Waiting for a delivery, service person or guest? A driveway alarm will signal their arrival.
  4. Safeguards children playing on the driveway – Set up alarm sensors at the end of the driveway to alert you if your child strays off the property and into the street.
  5. “Teen home safe” alert – Use your driveway alarm to notify you when your stay-out-late teenagers have returned home.
  6. Signals the arrival of customers – Notifies store staff when a customer enters the front or back door or drives into the parking lot.
  7. driveway alarmProtects vacation homes – Use a driveway alarm to monitor outdoor activity at your vacation home when you’re not there.
  8. Monitors large properties or buildings – Provides surveillance at remote greenhouses, large warehouses, farms and sprawling properties.
  9. “Cat back” alert – Homeowners have come up with all sorts of creative uses for a driveway alarm and this is one of my favorites! Strategically place one of the motion detectors outside your front door. When Kitty returns from her trek and is pawing at the door to come in, your driveway alarm will send you an alert.



A driveway alarm is a cost-effective way to enhance your sense of security by watching for trespassers and intruders. Use it also to monitor the arrival of family, pets, customers and guests. Driveway alarms can be a stand-alone solution or used to augment your current security system.

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    1. Thanks, Shaine. These driveway alarms are an affordable way for homeowners to feel more secure and they can be used with or without one of your beautiful fences!

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