Cellular + Solar Advantages in this Remote Temperature Monitor

Ideal for Remote Outdoor Sites

Farmers, growers and ranchers need to be vigilant of changes in temperature, humidity and other critical conditions to keep their operations thriving and often rely on some kind of remote temperature monitor to get that Cellular + solar remote temperature monitor is the solution for outdoor operationsinformation.  However, conventional remote temperature monitors may not work properly in secluded locations or outdoor operations for a number of reasons.  But now there is a solution for remote and/or outdoor situations – a weatherproof temperature monitor powered by solar energy that communicates via a cellular signal.


Outdoor Usage More Demanding

Outdoor operations such as a vineyards, livestock barns or orchards have much more demanding requirements than indoor applications.  For optimum performance, a remote temperature monitor that will be used outdoors should satisfy these criteria:

  • Weatherproof
  • Rugged
  • Use a sustainable power source (especially in remote locations)
  • Have a viable means of communication


Remote Sites Have Unique Requirements

Remote locations on farms or ranches have unique requirements due to logistical issues.  Conventional remote temperature monitors may not work satisfactorily at these sites because:

  • The monitor is powered by electricity but none is available at the site
  • The location has frequent power outages and the monitor’s backup battery has very limited service life (typically only 24 hours or less)
  • The site lacks a landline phone or Internet connection so there is no way to transmit the data


The Solution:  Cellular + Solar

A new weatherproof monitor called the Temperature@lert Cellular Solar Temperature Monitor System overcomes the problems of using a conventional remote temperature monitor outside and in remote locations because it:

Temperature@lert Cellular Solar Temperature Monitor System

1)    Doesn’t need an electrical power source

2)    Doesn’t need a landline or Internet connection

3)    Is designed for extreme environments and weather conditions


Instead, the Temperature@lert Cellular Solar Temperature Monitor System uses the energy from the sun for its primary power source and it transmits temperature status information via the same cellular network that mobile phones use.   When the sun goes down or on a cloudy day, its extended life lithium ion battery delivers up to 4 weeks of continuous service.

As long as there is a GSM cellular signal at the site where the monitor is being used, the Temperature@lert Cellular Solar Temperature Monitor System will send phone call, text message, or email alerts when the temperature falls or rises outside the set range.  It will also send alerts when the temperature returns to normal.


Other Features

The Temperature@lert Cellular Solar Temperature Monitor System is designed for industrial use and has many of the features that commercial farms and ranchers need, including:

  • Temperature sensor that reports temperatures from -40°F to +200°F within ±0.5°C (± 1.0º F) accuracy
  • Monitors the temperature every 5, 15, 60, 120, or 240 minutes (depending on the monthly cellular service plan chosen)
  • Sends alerts to multiple email addresses, multiple text message numbers and multiple phone numbers at the same time
  • Plug-and-play optional sensors for soil moisture, wind speed, tank level, tipping bucket and more
  • “Health Check” that sends alerts when it loses power or is not functioning properly, and when it returns to health
  • Maintains temperature history online (exports temperature history to Word and Excel)

Sensaphone SAT4D uses satellite communication -- works where there is no cell service

Satellite Solution for Sites Without Cell Service

For remote locations that still do not have cellular coverage, the new Sensaphone SAT4D is the answer.  This remote temperature monitor uses direct satellite communications to monitor remote sites no matter where they are located. Another benefit of the SAT4D is that it does not require electrical power.  Instead, it operates off an internal battery that delivers at least five years of service.



By combining the advantages of cellular communications and solar power, the Temperature@lert Cellular Solar Temperature Monitor System provides 24/7 outdoor temperature monitoring of secluded, outdoor locations where conventional remote temperature monitors don’t work.  Various cellular service plans are available for the Temperature@lert Cellular Solar remote temperature monitor starting at $15 per month, however, you are not bound by a contract and there are no cancellation fees.


Credits:  Photo by Karen Blaha (Flickr: Peach orchard in bloom)


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