10 Affordable Gifts Under $50

Here’s a list of affordable gifts priced under $50 to fit everyone’s budget.  Each represents one of our top sellers and is guaranteed to make someone on your shopping list very happy this holiday season!


Maxsa Innovations 37340 Park Right Ballpark

Ball-on-a-String Parking Aid

  • Pink baseball creates a flashy light show when it bumps into the windshield
  • Helps guide drivers into the “sweet spot” in the garage
  • Great for new drivers and seniors
  • Kit comes with an eyehook, 8-foot line and batteries
  • Attaches easily to garage ceiling
  • Less than $15



Eyenimal Pet Electronic Flea Comb - N-4128Electronic Flea Comb

  • Fight off fleas without messy and potentially harmful chemical treatments
  • Works on dogs and cats
  • Kills fleas using an electric shock that’s painless and harmless to pets and people
  • Also removes foul odors from fur and leaves pet’s coat shiny
  • About $30



Wander Alarm Security Alert“Wander Alarm” Security Alert

  • Protects wandering seniors and patients by chiming or vibrating when the door or window has been opened
  • Easy to install on a door or window using the included double-sided tape or screws
  • Transmits signal over 50 feet
  • Battery powered; Optional AC adapter (sold separately)
  • About $45



Sooteater RCH205 Rotary Chimney Cleaning SystemSooteater Rotary Chimney Cleaning System

  • Spinning chimney whip removes dangerous soot and creosote build-up better than a brush
  • Cleans woodstove and fireplace chimneys and helps prevent flue fires
  • Lets you to clean “from the bottom up” safely without having to get up on a ladder
  • Attaches to any power drill
  • About $49



Reliance Controls Wireless Flood/Freeze Alarm System THP204Wireless Flood/Freeze Alarm by Reliance Controls

  • Warns when freezing temperatures or flooding threatens home or cabin
  • Remote sensors detect unwanted water or falling temperatures below 40º F
  • Portable receiver can be placed anywhere or given to a neighbor when home is unoccupied
  • Signal range up to 120 feet, alarm sounds continuously for 24 hours
  • Uses one 9V and 3 AA batteries (not included)
  • Under $40



Amplicom TCL Vibe Digital Dual Alarm Clock with Vibrating WristbandVibe Digital Dual Alarm Clock with Vibrating Wristband

  • Full-featured alarm clock has two wake-up alarms — perfect for couples and roommates with varied schedules
  • Two alarm times and two ways to wake up:  loud audible alarm AND silent vibrating wristband alarm
  • Compact 3-inch cube is battery-powered, great for traveling
  • 75dB alarm sounds for 90 seconds to wake deep sleepers or hearing impaired
  • Around $49



PupLightPupLight Helps Dogs See and Be Seen

  • Super-bright PupLight protects dogs on and off the leash, makes them visible up to a mile away!
  • Makes walking a dog at night enjoyable by illuminating the path ahead
  • Great for aging dogs with declining vision
  • Uses AAA or rechargeable batteries
  • Adjustable collar fits all dogs, even long-haired pets
  • Around $20



DreamZon LightOn Mobile Phone SignalerMobile Phone Signaler — Never Miss a Call or Text

  • LightOn cell phone cradle flashes a bright LED when phone rings or receives a text
  • Great for people with hearing loss or when phone is on “vibrate” or ringer is silenced
  • Works with nearly all mobile phones that have a vibration mode
  • Simple to use, powered by three AA alkaline batteries
  • Add a bed shaker for a silent wake-up when a call or text is received
  • Around $49



Safety Technology STI-32500 Wireless Chime Doorbell ButtonMusical Wireless Doorbell Chime

  • Easy to install — requires no electrical wiring and or through-the-wall drilling
  • Choose from 13 chime sounds
  • For security, 32 individual privacy codes protect against outside interference
  • Doorbell transmitter powered by two lithium batteries (included), receiver plugs in
  • Operates up to 250 feet; extend coverage by adding optional receivers
  • Around $30



Datexx PowerNow Buddy -2400mA mobile power bankPowerNow Portable Smartphone Charger 

  • Holds its charge for a full year — most reliable rechargeable smartphone battery available
  • 2400mAh Li Ion battery charges an iPhone or Android in under three hours
  • Charges smartphone 1-1/2 times before needing to be recharged
  • Also has an LED emergency flashlight of 160 lumens
  • Choose from four colors
  • Around $40



giftsOther Gift Ideas

If you don’t see just the right item on this list of affordable gifts, go to the diycontrols.com website and look at our page of Great Gifts Ideas.

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