Hard of Hearing Devices Improve Everyday Living


Communicating is one of the biggest challenges for the more than 21 million Americans who are hard of hearing or deaf, but fortunately there are all kinds of devices and systems available today to help the hearing impaired. This article focuses on two categories of devices designed to make daily living easier for the hard of hearing -- amplified … [Read more...]

Easy DIY Projects to Winterize Your Home


If you want to reduce energy bills and avoid expensive emergency repairs this winter, here are some easy DIY projects to winterize your home. Although many home winterizing chores are best done in the fall, all of these projects can be tackled in the wintertime.  The results will benefit your bottom line, reduce maintenance chores when spring … [Read more...]

Go from C-O-L-D to Cozy with a Remote Control Thermostat

winter family

Hardy skiers will agree that opening the door to a warm cabin after the Friday night drive is the ultimate welcome, a wish that is easily made reality by installing a remote control thermostat.   If having the ability to transform a cold house to a cozy house before you arrive sounds appealing, here's a list of reasons why a remote control … [Read more...]

Winter Safety Tips for Home Alone Seniors


Seniors are at an increased risk for accidents, injuries and other emergencies when temperatures dip and there are hazardous conditions outside and on the roads, so it's important for family and friends to makes sure their seniors are prepared properly for the long, cold winter.  If you know a senior who lives alone in a cold climate, here are some … [Read more...]

What You Can Do to Prevent a Frozen Pipes Disaster


I’ll bet most homeowners have never heard of a device called a “freeze alarm”… unless they experienced the same devastating consequences of frozen pipes that we did in our Vermont vacation house one cold January day. Fortunately, we were able to dodge a whole house disaster because our caretaker just happened to stop by for her weekly visit and … [Read more...]