3 Web-Enabled Devices for an Easier, More Profitable VRBO

Keyless Lock

Most “vacation rental by owner” (VRBO) entrepreneurs have two ongoing goals: to increase profits and decrease the amount time they spend managing their property. With recent advancements in technology, there are now a range of DIY devices that can help vacation rental homeowners achieve both goals. From keyless entry to remote controlled … [Read more...]

What’s New in Cellular Freeze Alarms – “Plug and Play” Simplicity and Lower Costs


Here’s great news for anyone shopping for an inexpensive freeze alarm to use in a location where there’s no landline phone or Internet connection – there are now three standalone cellular freeze alarms to choose from!   All three models are basically “plug and play” making them simple to set up.  They also operate on one of the major cellular … [Read more...]

Automation Offers 24/7 Alternative to a Property Caretaker

Hiring an experienced, local caretaker to check up on your vacant home is one of the best ways to protect your house and property while you are away. But what if you can’t afford to pay a caretaker or there is no one you available that you really trust? Or you want 24/7 protection, which you won’t get unless your caretaker lives in? If this is the … [Read more...]

Hard of Hearing Devices Improve Everyday Living


Communicating is one of the biggest challenges for the more than 21 million Americans who are hard of hearing or deaf, but fortunately there are all kinds of devices and systems available today to help the hearing impaired. This article focuses on two categories of devices designed to make daily living easier for the hard of hearing -- amplified … [Read more...]

Easy DIY Projects to Winterize Your Home


If you want to reduce energy bills and avoid expensive emergency repairs this winter, here are some easy DIY projects to winterize your home. Although many home winterizing chores are best done in the fall, all of these projects can be tackled in the wintertime.  The results will benefit your bottom line, reduce maintenance chores when spring … [Read more...]