Winter Safety Tips for Home Alone Seniors


Seniors are at an increased risk for accidents, injuries and other emergencies when temperatures dip and there are hazardous conditions outside and on the roads, so it's important for family and friends to makes sure their seniors are prepared properly for the long, cold winter.  If you know a senior who lives alone in a cold climate, here are some … [Read more...]

What You Can Do to Prevent a Frozen Pipes Disaster


I’ll bet most homeowners have never heard of a device called a “freeze alarm”… unless they experienced the same devastating consequences of frozen pipes that we did in our Vermont vacation house one cold January day. Fortunately, we were able to dodge a whole house disaster because our caretaker just happened to stop by for her weekly visit and … [Read more...]

Prevent Theft & Monitor Jobsites Remotely with 100% Solar-Powered Web-Based Construction Camera


With construction equipment theft exceeding $1 billion annually, a strategically-placed construction camera is one of the most effective ways to secure a jobsite and deter thieves and vandals. But many contractors say they don’t bother with construction cameras because they’re too expensive and a hassle to use. In response to these complaints, … [Read more...]

Holiday Gifts to Fit Any Budget – All Priced Under $100


If you are looking for some clever gift suggestions that won't break your budget, you've come to the right place.  This roundup of gift ideas are all priced less than $100.  No matter who you are shopping for -- children, teens, parents, grandparents or families -- there’s a gift solution here to make your holiday shopping a … [Read more...]

Get Your Shopping Started With These Unique Gift Ideas


Choosing a really unique gift can be difficult and time consuming, especially when the holidays are approaching quickly and the clock is ticking.  That’s why we’re here to kickstart your holiday shopping with this list of unique gift ideas.  We looked for items that will make interesting and exciting gifts and then picked the ones that we think … [Read more...]