Protect Your Dog from Heat Stroke at Home and on Vacation


Soaring summer temperatures put dogs at high risk of heat stroke, which is why veterinarians recommend running the air conditioning to keep pets safe and comfortable during heat waves and periods of high humidity.  But what happens if there’s a power outage and your dog is stranded home alone while you are at work?  Of what is she's trapped in your … [Read more...]

FAQs about Adult PFDs for Boating and Water Sports

A PFD – the abbreviation for a “personal flotation device” – is a wearable piece of equipment used by boaters and water sports enthusiasts to enhance buoyancy and improve survival in the water.  Some PFDs are designed to keep the wearer’s head above water and stay in a position that permits proper breathing even if the person is … [Read more...]

Protect Appliances & Home During the Next Summer Power Outage

power outage alarm

Power outages are inevitable in the summertime and the consequences can be serious.  Common causes include severe weather, lightning strikes and high winds.  The results of a power outage range from minor inconveniences, such as no lights or TV, to more critical situations like food spoilage, inoperable medical devices and no running water or air … [Read more...]

Help Drivers Find that Perfect Sweet Spot with a Garage Parking Aid


A garage parking aid is one of those gadgets everyone comes to love, whether they’re a new driver or experienced driver.   Navigating a garage can be a challenge, especially if it’s a tight fit, and no one wants to be charged with putting a ding in the side of the car, knocking over the trash cans or running over Junior’s tricycle, right?   So help … [Read more...]

Don’t Count on a Cell Phone: Take a Handheld GPS on your Next Adventure or Trip


Whether you are an experienced or amateur outdoor enthusiast or traveler, accidents do happen, and packing a handheld GPS tracker / messenger device is one of the most reliable ways to communicate your location or status.  Although many people think they can rely on their cell phone to call for help, the reality is that most of the earth still … [Read more...]