Stop Cooling an Empty House – Get a Remote Thermostat

If your summertime schedule is predictably unpredictable, your fluidity can make it hard to maintain a comfortable temperature in your house. Although it’s always nice to return to a cool home when it’s blisteringly hot outside, no one wants to waste money on air conditioning to cool an empty house — and that’s where a remote thermostat comes in. Unlike a standard programmable thermostat that you set in advance, a remote thermostat gives you the ability to make temperature adjustments on the fly from anywhere via an Internet connection or by phone, depending upon the model.

Remote thermostats have lots of features and lots of benefits. Some are quite decorative and others are amazingly multi-functional. In addition to saving on cooling costs, you can use a remote thermostat to get real-time temperature and humidity reports and be notified when there’s a power outage.remote thermostat control

To choose the best remote thermostat for your home, start with what kind of communication is available at your location: phone or Internet. Then review the capabilities. Below are some of the most popular remote thermostat models. All offer easy, do-it-yourself installation.


Top Remote Thermostat Models

Venstar Comfort Call Remote ThermostatVenstar Comfort Call Phone Controlled Thermostat Kit
    • Call-in to set temperature from any phone
    • 1-day programmable with up to 4 time periods
    • Compatible with both heat/cool and heat pump systems
    • Reports indoor temperature and outdoor temperature (requires outdoor sensor connected to the thermostat)
    • 10 minute installation – connects to standard landline phone


Aube Phone Controller
    • Aube Phone ControllerA great basic phone controller for under $100
    • Connects directly to existing landline phone
    • Universal output works with Aube Thermostats and other thermostats or household devices operating with dry contacts (click for compatible equipment chart)
    • Password-protected for secure access
    • Battery-free backup saves user settings and output status after a power outage


Venstar ColorTouch WiFi Internet Thermostat w/ Touch Screen
    • Venstar ColorTouch High Resolution Color Thermostat w/ Wifi option and Humidity ControlA multi-functional touch screen thermostat with a unique customizable background (your photos or preset themes)
    • Also has customizable faceplates to match home décor
    • Control from your Smartphone or computer by adding the Wi-Fi module
    • Energy usage info at your fingertips
    • Security features lock thermostat settings
    • Automatic daylight savings adjustments, multiple languages, alerts and more


BAYweb Internet Thermostat
  • BAYweb Internet ThermostatOperate thermostat via web browser or smartphone at no additional charge
  • Sends email and text message alerts
  • Customizable personal web portal and new smartphone app for Apple and Andriod
  • Occupancy sensing feature reduces energy usage
  • Add optional sensors to monitor for flooding, break-ins and smoke (BAYweb Advanced and BAYweb Professional accept three sensors)
  • Features keypad lockout feature for web-only operation
  • Optional humidity sensing capability



Whether landline phone or Internet controlled, a remote thermostat gives you the ability to raise and lower the central air conditioning in your home from anywhere at anytime, so you save on energy consumption while enjoying the spontaneity of summer. Great for remotely controlling heat in the winter too!

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