High Temp Monitoring Just One Feature of Multi-Function Freeze Alarm

Multi-function freeze alarmInstalling a temperature sensor alarm (also called a freeze alarm) is a good way to protect your vacation home from temperatures that are too high or too low, but did you know that some multi-functional freeze alarms can do a lot more than just monitor temperatures? Many of these additional functions are built right in while others require the addition of a simple accessory, like a sensor.

Here are seven things a multi-functional freeze alarm can do for you to protect your vacation home or primary residence, as well as an RV or boat.


1. Adjust the heat or A/C with a phone call

With a simple phone call, you can pre-heat or pre-cool your vacation house so the temperature is always comfortable when you arrive. This is a capability you’ll appreciate year-round and only requires adding a secondary thermostat.


2. Receive high temperature warnings

Be alerted if the temperature in your home gets dangerously high, which can result in high humidity that can damage furniture, appliances and electronic equipment.


Deluxe Freeze Alarm by Control Products

3. Receive power outage warnings

Be alerted when there’s a prolonged power outage so you can avoid events like an air conditioning shutdown that can put pets at risk or freezing pipes due to furnace failure.


4. Check up on your house remotely by phone

Call in to find out what the current temperature is in your home or to learn if the power is on.


5. Monitor for water leaks and flooding

Attach a water sensor to your freeze alarm and it will call you if water is detected. Put sensors in problem-prone areas like basements, bathrooms, laundry rooms and attics.


6. Protect against break-ins

Add a motion sensor to your freeze alarm and it will call you with an alarm alert if an intruder enters the house.


7. Receive freezing temperature warnings

And, since it is a “freeze” alarm, it will call you if the temperature in your home dips dangerously low.


Temperature sensor alarm does much more than monitor low temperatures

If you’re stressed about leaving your home, RV or boat vacant, a multi-functional freeze alarm can alleviate a lot of your concerns by providing 24/7 monitoring for intruders, flooding and power outages, in addition to alarming when temperatures hit extreme levels.

For an alarm that delivers on the seven capabilities discussed here, choose the “Deluxe” Freeze Alarm by Control Products that doubles as a high and low temperature sensor alarm. It automatically calls up to three phone numbers if there’s an emergency and hooks up easily to any regular landline phone line. And if a landline isn’t available at your location, you can hook the Deluxe Freeze Alarm up to a cellular terminal and still take advantage of all of its functions.

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