Help Drivers Find that Perfect Sweet Spot with a Garage Parking Aid

A garage parking aid is one of those gadgets everyone comes to love, whether they’re a new driver or experienced driver.   Navigating a garage can be a challenge, especially if it’s a tight fit, and no one wants to be charged with putting a ding in the side of the car, knocking over the trash cans or running over Junior’s tricycle, right?   So help the drivers in your family find that perfect sweet spot every time they park by installing one of these clever parking aids in your garage.Maxsa Innovations 37357 Park Right Car Door & Bumper Guards


Wall Bumpers for “Just-in-Case” Protection

A pair of Park Right Car Door & Bumper Guards are one of the simplest ways to help protect your car and garage walls.  These padded, reflective strips adhere right to garage walls and provide just enough added protection to prevent dings and scratches.



Laser Guided Parking Aids

Maxsa Innovations Park Right Garage Laser Park

The Park Right Garage Laser by Maxsa Innovations is an excellent choice for homes with small or overcrowded garages.  It shines a bright red laser beam onto the hood or dashboard of your car to guide it into the parking spot, just the way you want it positioned. The Park Right Garage Laser plugs into any AC outlet an installs easily with hook-and-loop tape or screws.  A dual beam model is available for two-car garages.


The Chamberlain Universal Laser Garage Parking Assist also works by shining a laser beam on the car’s dashboard to tell you when to stop.  The Chamberlain model features a Class 2 laser beam that is clearly visible but safe on the eyes.  It is easy to install and compatible with any brand of garage door opener.  Makes a great gift for seniors.


The Ball-on-a-String Light Show

Maxsa Innovations 37340 Park Right Ballpark

This garage parking aid is a favorite with teens!  When they park the car correctly, they’ll know they’ve nailed it because the Maxsa Park Right Ball-on-a-String will entertain them with a flashy light show the moment it bumps up against the windshield.  Kit comes with an eyehook, 8-foot line and batteries.





Parking Mat Alerts When to Stop

Maxsa Innovations Park Right Parking Mat

For a quick, low-tech solution to help with parking, a Park Right Parking Mats is perfect for any garage, carport, or parking area.  Place the mat where you want the car’s front tires to land and feel for the mat’s “bump” that signals when it is time to apply the brakes.  An inexpensive garage parking aid that is available in your choice of color – bright yellow, red or black.



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