Driveway Alarm Protects First Point of Entry for Seniors

With a driveway alarm standing guard, seniors who live independently in their own home will be able to relax knowing that they’ll get an alert every time a person or vehicle arrives. Whether their visitors are expected guests, an anticipated delivery, or an unwelcome trespasser, their driveway alarm will notify them every time with a tone or chime when someone or something has entered their driveway. For seniors who get a little anxious waiting for the arrival of company or their daily mail, a driveway alarm can be especially useful because it lets them know when it’s time to get up to open the door.The-driveway-side-of-the-house


What is a Driveway Alarm?

A driveway alarm is a monitor that sends out an alert when a person or vehicle enters the driveway or property.  When the driveway alarm’s sensor is triggered, its receiver sounds a chime or beep and/or flashes a light.  Some models also alert with a voice message. For people with hearing loss, an optional bell is available for some driveway alarms. The bell can be installed indoors or outside.


Wired or Wireless

Driveway alarms can be hard-wired or wireless. Wireless systems make installation fast and easy. Hard-wired systems require burying a sensor probe in the ground parallel or under the driveway.  A wire, which also gets buried, connects the probe to the control box, located inside the house.  Although more difficult to install, hard-wired driveway alarms have certain advantages, most notably reliability and no worries about interference or range.


Dakota Alert DCPA-2500 Duty Cycle Probe AlertTwo Types of Detection

Detects all movement
— Some driveway alarms detect just about any kind of movement, including people, vehicles and animals. If your senior wants to be alerted for all of the action on their driveway, look for a driveway alarm system that uses infrared motion detector sensors or break beam sensors.

Detects vehicles only — Other driveway alarms detect the movement of vehicles only, which helps to eliminate false alerts for passing pets, wild animals or people. These systems use a metal sensing sensor or a probe that detects the movement of large metallic (iron or steel) objects, like cars and trucks.


Consider the Power Source

Safety Technology Wireless Alert Series STI-V34100 Wireless Driveway Monitor (solar powered) w/Voice ReceiverThe control box (receiver) of both wireless and hard-wired driveway alarm systems typically plugs into a standard household outlet.

Transmitters and wireless sensors are battery-powered and use replaceable alkaline or lithium batteries. For a low-maintenance alternative — that is, no batteries to monitor and change — consider getting your senior one of the newer solar wireless driveway alarms that use the power of the sun to recharge its lithium ion batteries.


Top Driveway Alarm Manufacturers

There are several makers of driveway alarms that make hard-wired or wireless systems. These include:

Dakota Alert

Safety Technology



Chamberlain Wireless Motion Alert SystemAdd-on Sensors for Long Driveways

For extra long driveways, purchase additional sensors and space them out along the length of the driveway to ensure complete coverage. You can also add sensors to monitor movement in other places on the property, such as along walkways, near storage sheds or parking areas.


Driveway Alarm = Peace of Mind

If you have loved ones who live alone in a single family home, installing a driveway alarm on their driveway or walkway is an easy and effective way to protect the first point of entry to their house. Not only will a driveway alarm eliminate worries about the arrival and departure of welcomed guests, it will also give your senior peace of mind and the assurance that they won’t be surprised by unexpected visitors or trespassers.

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