Cellular Freeze Alarm: Does it exist?

Cellular Freeze AlarmSo you’ve got a vacation home without a landline and are concerned that if your heat goes out, you could be facing a disaster.   Although there isn’t a standalone product on the market that can function as a cellular freeze alarm, there is a simple way to combine two products to achieve the same objective.

Item 1 of 2: Cellular Terminal

A cellular terminal is a device that generates a dial tone via cellular.  To choose the best one for your situation, consider two things: which carriers work at the location, and which carrier you currently use.  If the carrier you use for your primary cell phone works in your vacation home, consider adding a second line to your existing plan for a cellular terminal compatible with that carrier.  Another option for any of the cellular terminals is to obtain a prepaid plan.  These can be very economical, but pay attention to expiration dates when purchasing minutes.  Review our Cellular Terminal Comparison Chart to help you select a cellular terminal.

Item 2 of 2: Freeze Alarm

Once you’ve got a cellular dial tone, all you need is a freeze alarm.  Our Freeze Alarms Comparison Chart will help you select the perfect model for your vacation home.

Mission Accomplished!

Although there may not be a single “cellular freeze alarm“, it is quite simple to monitor your vacation home for low temperatures over cellular.  As always, if you need any assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us at support@diycontrols.com.

Tell Us About It!

If you’ve implemented a cellular freeze alarm solution in your home, tell us about it in the comments below!

Update: We’ve put together some cellular freeze alarm packages containing one of our most popular cellular terminals and some of our most user friendly freeze alarms, or you can choose any one of our freeze alarms and combine it with any cellular terminal to create your own cellular freeze alarm.

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  3. here’s my question. When we travel in our motorhome occasionally we leave the dogs in the motorhome when we sightsee. This summer we will be visiting hot climes. I would like a heat alarm we can hook up to my wife’s cell phone when we leave the camper. I want it to call me on my cell if the temperature gets above a set number. I also want to be able to call in to check power and temp. Thoughts?

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