10 Great Gift Ideas for Grandparents Under $50

Buying a gift for that special grandmother or grandfather can be challenging, so we’re here to help with this hand-picked list of 10 great gift ideas for grandparents.  Each item here was chosen because it’s a little bit unusual, but also very practical, so it will appeal to those sensible seniors that can be difficult to shop for.   And we made sure that all of these gift ideas for grandparents are priced under $50 to fit everyone’s budget.  With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day right around the corner, you will want to get shopping right away. 10 Great Gift Ideas for Grandparents Under $50


Personal Weather Station with Large LED Display

For those storm watchers on your list, here’s a full-featured weather station and clock with an easy-to-read display.  Priced at under $45, the Meade Personal Weather Station is a battery-powered weather station that gives grandparents everything they need to know to about the upcoming forecast, including:

  • 12 to 24 hour forecasts with cloud icons
  • Atomic clock that shows hours/minutes/seconds and never needs resetting
  • Indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity
  • Current barometric pressure plus 24 hour barometric pressure history
  • Add two more sensors to monitor temp and humidity in additional locations


Datexx ZenLight Motion Sensor LightEnergy-Saving Motion Sensor Light Turns on Automatically

Entering a dark room can be a hazard, especially for seniors.  With a Datexx ZenLight Motion Sensor Light, rooms or hallways are illuminated as soon as grandma or grandpa enters the room and shuts off when they leave.  This unique motion sensor light features authentic Japanese Shoji Paper that gives its energy-saving LED lights a soothing and peaceful glow.  Its sensor can be adjusted to shut off after 1, 5 or 10 minutes.  A great gift idea for around $45.00.



Clever Parking Aids for the GarageMaxsa Innovations Park Right Garage Laser Park

Here are two useful items for driving seniors who park their car in a garage, especially if the garage is too small or too tight.  Buy them as a set for less than $50.

The Innovations Park Right Garage Laser Park makes it easy for grandparents to park correctly in the garage every single time!  It shines a bright red laser beam on the hood or dashboard to guide the car to a pre-selected parking “sweet spot.”

To help protect their car and garage when they’re parking or opening car doors, get them a pair of Innovations Park Right Car Door & Bumper Guards.  These padded reflective strips adhere right to garage walls and provide just enough added protection to prevent dings and scratches.


Wide Platform Bathroom Scale with Easy-to-Read Display

Tracking weight gains or losses is important for monitoring health, especially with seniors.  For grandparents who are unsteady on their feet, a wide-platform bathroom scale provides more surface area on which to stand.  We recommend the Conair Wide-Platform Weight Watchers Body Analysis Scale which also has a large 1.5″ display, 350-pound capacity and the ability to measure body fat, body water.  It comes with a long-life lithium battery and costs around $40.


Comfortable Wristwatch/Heart Rate MonitorOMRON HR-210 Strap-Free Heart Rate Monitor

Active grandparents will appreciate this attractive wristwatch that doubles as a heart rate monitor so they can easily and safely monitor the intensity of their workout.  Made by OMRON, a leader in easy-to-use heart rate monitors, the Strap-Free Heart Rate Monitor gives accurate readings in less than 6 seconds with a two-finger tap.  It can also be worn as an everyday watch and is water-resistant up to 164 feet.  Priced under $45.


Flashlight with Built-in Personal Protection

Grandparents will feel much safer on their walks carrying this innovative flashlight with a pull-tab, high-decibel siren to ward off threatening followers.  In addition, the Viatek Handheld Bark Stop with Flashlight also emits a silent ultrasonic sound that can repel pesky barking dogs!    It’s the perfect personal protection device for less than $25.


P3 International Save a Drop Water Meter NozzleWater Meter Nozzle to Conserve and Measure Water

Grandparents who garden will love this special hose nozzle that lets them measure exactly how much water they are spraying.  The P3 International Save a Drop water meter nozzle helps prevent over-watering plants by showing how much water they are giving each plant.  It’s also a useful tool for conserving water.  The 5″ long handle grip area is comfortable to hold.  Priced at under $25, this is a handy gadget for just about everyone.


Radio Alerts for Weather & Disasters

If you want to keep grandma and grandpa really safe at home, get them a weather alert radio so they’ll automatically receive early warnings of natural or man-made disasters affecting their area.  For under $50, the Oregon Scientific Desktop Weather Alert Radio will provide them with official updates on severe weather and other important emergencies broadcasted by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the Emergency Alert System (EAS).


Extra-Loud Alarm Clock with Bed ShakerSonic Alert Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock

For grandparents who are heavy sleepers or hard-of-hearing, a multi-sensory alarm clock is a sure-fire way to make sure they wake up on time every morning.  The Sonic Alert Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock, which was designed for teens but is equally effective for seniors, is everyone’s favorite!  It has a powerful super-charged bed shaker to slip under the pillow and a turbo-charged 113dB extra loud audio alarm.  Costs just under $50.


On-the-Go Smartphone Charger Holds Power for a Year+

The PowerNow Buddy is the most reliable portable smartphone battery charger you can buy. Using a patented feature called ‘SmartJack,’ PowerNow holds 97% of its charge after one year compared to only three months for competitive chargers. Great for recharging iPhone or Android smartphones when there’s no other power source available. The 2400 mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery charges a smartphone in under three hours.  Also has an LED flashlight that can be used as an emergency beacon. Recharges via USB/AC adapter in six hours. Comes in 4 colors for about $40.


More Gift Ideas for Grandparents

If the suggestions ideas here aren’t quite right for the grandparent on your shopping list, take a look at this page of additional gift ideas for grandparents and seniors.  There’s sure to be something here that will please that special grandma or grandpa on your list.


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