Personal Sound Amplifier Let’s You Join the Conversation


Removes Background Noise and Amplifies Sound If you or someone you know has trouble participating in conversations or hearing well in places like noisy restaurants, classrooms or theaters, than a personal sound amplifier may be the perfect solution for better listening.  Personal sound amplifiers remove annoying background noises and amplify … [Read more...]

Practical Gift Ideas for Grandparents and Seniors

Christmas gifts

We know how hard it can be to come up with gifts ideas for grandparents and seniors who already have enough “stuff,” so we put together this list of practical gifts that we think they’ll use and enjoy.  Check out the categories below to find a gift that will add convenience, comfort, health and safety to that special senior’s life.  There are even … [Read more...]

Improved Listening is What You Get with a Personal Amplifier


“What? Are you talking to me?” was my friend Jack’s reply to fifty percent of the questions anyone asked him – that is, before he got himself a personal amplifier. A personal amplifier is a compact, portable device that improves one’s ability to hear speech in conversations, TV programs, small meetings or noisy restaurants. Chances are you know … [Read more...]