The Perks of a Remote Thermostat for Vacation Homeowners

Many a homeowner dreams of arriving on Friday nights to a pre-cooled or pre-heated vacation home, and with a simple device called a remote thermostat, homeowners can live that dream!  Whether you choose a remote thermostat that is phone controlled or one that is Internet enabled, a remote thermostat gives you the power to control the temperature in your vacation home from afar, plus some other pretty cool perks, such as humidity control and conserving energy.   Keep reading for more information on why you’ll want a remote thermostat to be your next vacation home upgrade.

A remote thermostat lets you adjust temperature before you arrive

Perk #1 — Control air conditioning or heat from anywhere

With a remote thermostat, you have the ability to adjust the temperature in your vacation house before you get there from virtually anywhere.  Say you have a beach house with central air conditioning and you want to begin the cooling down process before you arrive.  Just contact your remote thermostat by landline phone, cell phone, smartphone or computer (depending upon the model you have) and lower the temperature.  It’s that easy!

Even homes with electric heating systems can be controlled remotely with an-easy-to-install Honeywell EConnect wireless thermostat equipped with a RedLINK Internet Gateway.


Perk #2 — Control humidity

Summer humidity can be debilitating and do damage to your home, but running the air conditioning is one of the easiest and best ways to reduce home humidity.  If your home has central air conditioning, you can monitor and control the level of humidity with a  remote thermostat hooked up to a humidity sensor.  An Internet-enabled thermostat, like those made by Bay Controls, gives you the ability to adjust the air conditioning system using a computer or smartphone and keep high levels of humidity in check.


Perk #3 — Conserve energyControl the Venstar ColorTouch thermostat with Skyport Wi-Fi Key thru its mobile app

Everyone wants to cut their heating and cooling bills these days. Regardless of the type of heating or cooling system you have, there is a compatible remote thermostat that will minimize energy consumption while your home is vacant and protect it from damage caused by excessive heat, humidity or freezing temperatures. Choose the model that works for you based on the type of communications methods available at your home – Internet, landline phone or cellular.

If you love controlling things from your Smartphone, consider the ColorTouch® thermostat with the new Skyport Wi-Fi Key from Venstar.  It has a mobile app that allows users to control energy usage from nearly any location, at any time.


Perk #4 — Receive automatic heat and freeze alerts

Cellular Heat Alarm notifies you of hot conditions even if you don't have a landlineMany remote thermostats do double-duty as heat or freeze alarms, finally putting an end to worries about unexpected power outages or failed cooling and heating systems.  These remote thermostats will notify you by phone, email or text when temperatures in your vacation home reach dangerous highs or lows so you can remedy the situation before pipes freeze or extreme heat causes real damage.

Some remote thermostat models, like the Sensaphone 400 and BAYweb Internet Thermostat, accept additional environmental and security sensors to alert you of other emergency conditions such as smoke, flooding and break-ins.  And if your home does not have a landline phone or Internet service, opt for the cellular heat / freeze alarm that communicates via cellular signal.


Perk #5 — Check in for status reports

BAYweb Internet thermostats have a personal web portal to check current status How would you like to have the ability to check the status of your vacation home with a simple phone call or glance at your smartphone? Nearly all remote thermostats allow you to check in to get a real-time temperature reading. And, those models that accept additional sensors — like the Sensaphone 400 and the BAYweb units — also allow you to check in for updates on conditions like water in the basement, burglaries and high humidity levels. If you choose an Internet-enabled remote thermostat, such as the BAYweb, you can access status reports through your PC or smartphone.


Perk #6 — Save on caretaker & professional monitoring fees

With a remote thermostat, you no longer have to pay your caretaker to come over to lower the air conditioning or turn up the heat before you arrive. And if you install a remote thermostat with additional sensors, you’ll also be able to monitor for concerns like flooding and break-ins yourself, instead of paying a professional security service or relying on caretaker visits.

The VeraLite Z-Wave controller makes home control affordable



A phone- or Internet-controlled remote thermostat gives you the power to control temperature in your vacation home from afar, plus some other pretty cool perks.  For additional information and guidance on selecting a remote thermostat, take a look at this remote thermostat control comparison chart and video tutorial.

And for the ultimate in remote home control, consider a Mi Casa Verde Smart Home Automation System — either a Vera3 or the VeraLite Z -wave controller — both of which support the major wireless communications protocols and work with nearly all off-the-shelf wireless modules or devices, regardless of brand or technology.



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