Sports Cam Makes it Easy to Shoot and Share Video on Facebook

Sports cam for action video Here’s a great gift idea that all the Facebook fans in your life will love…a sports cam video camera that records action and sound and uploads easily for online sharing. Whether you’re recording a downhill skiing adventure, or grandma singing karaoke at a bar mitzvah, or a ride on your favorite roller coaster, a sports cam makes it easy to film and post your favorite videos on the Internet.

True, these miniature digital video cameras were originally designed for weekend warriors who are into extreme sports like sky diving and white water kayaking, but sports cams are now much more mainstream. Affordability is one big reason, but here are a few others:

Swann DVR-460 SportsCam mounts easilySmall and Wearable

Unlike the early videotape camcorders of the ‘80s that were both bulky and heavy, a sports cam fits in the palm of your hand and weighs a only few ounces! Small and compact, a sports cam is designed for hands-on or hands-free use. You can shoot holding it or you can wear it on your head, body or helmet using special straps. You can also attach it to a bike or car, or whatever you’re riding, using one of the mounting brackets. When not in use, just slip it into your pocket or purse.

High Res and Great Sound Quality

Considering their size and price, the picture and sound quality of a sports cam recording is remarkably good! An entry-level camera, like the Swann DVR-460 SportsCam, shoots 640 x 480 high resolution video and has excellent sound. Like most sports cams, it also takes JPEG still photos (up to 16GB). For professional quality sharpness, step up to an HD sports cam like the Swann Freestyle that records 1920 x 1080 pixels. Sports cams record onto a microSD card and use long-life rechargeable batteries.

Swann Freestyle in waterproof housingSplashproof and Waterproof

Whether it’s a sudden thunderstorm or an underwater diving expedition, sports cams are designed to get wet. Most include a special plastic casing that holds the camera and makes it waterproof, even for underwater diving. Maximum depth depends on the model, but all sports cams housed in their waterproof casing will be protected during surfing, skiing, jet skiing or other activities where the camera will get splashed.

Easy to Use and Download

Using a sports cam is easy, even for technology-challenged adults! A basic sports cam has just a few buttons (such as “record video” and “take photo”), plus a couple of colored LED lights that tell you what’s going on. When you are ready to playback your video, connect the sports cam to a PC with a USB cable.

More advanced sports cams have additional functions (buttons). Some also come with a remote control. One nice feature of an advanced model is being able to view a live feed of what the camera is seeing. You can also playback video or still photos without having to hook up to a PC. Its easy to upload sports cam videos to Facebook

Easy to Share

Once you’ve got your footage stored on your PC, it’s easy to upload the files to send via email or post on sites like Facebook or YouTube. And in today’s world of Social Media, “sharing” is what everyone – both young and old — is into!

Affordable Too

For under $100, you can get a basic sports cam like the thumb-sized Swann DVR-460 SportsCam that records up to 2-1/2 hours on a fully-charged battery (voted “Best Buy” by PC User Magazine). It makes a great gift for kids or adults who don’t need or want extra features. For teens or adults with action-packed lives who appreciate sophisticated electronics, invest in an advanced sports cam like the Swann Freestyle HD, which sells for under $250 that records up to 10 hours of HD video.

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