Preheat Ski House with an Internet Thermostat & Smartphone

For ski and snowboard enthusiasts who know the Friday night drill of packing the car with gear, people and food and driving hours to the ski cabin, upgrading to an Internet thermostat lets you live the dream of arriving to a pre-heated house on those cold winter nights. Instead of shivering for hours waiting for the cabin or condo to heat up, an Internet thermostat (sometimes called a “Wi-Fi thermostat”) lets you turn up the heat from your smartphone as soon as you hit the road. Now when you open the door to the cabin, you’ll be welcomed by toasty warmth! The price of an Internet thermostat has dropped in recent years to typically below $200, making them an affordable luxury for nearly all vacation homeowners.Wi-Fi thermostat


Perks of an Internet Thermostat

There are many perks to having an Internet thermostat, including:

  • Ability to pre-heat or pre-cool from virtually anywhere using your smartphone, computer or tablet and a mobile app.
  • Doubles as a freeze alarm so you’ll get emergency email or text message alerts if indoor temps drop, before pipes freeze and burst.
  • Receive high temperature and excessive humidity alerts (available in many models).
  • Monitor energy usage through a mobile app.
  • Get instant real-time status reports on indoor temperature and/or other conditions on your smartphone.
  • Many models are expandable so you can remotely control other devices like locks, appliances, lights, security cameras and more.
  • Control temperature in multiple zones via the app (requires that each zone be equipped with the same Internet thermostat).


Money Saving Benefits

Here are some of the many ways an Internet thermostat will save you money.  In fact, with the typical energy savings you’ll realize, your Internet thermostat will pay for itself in about a year!

  • Reduces energy bills because you’re no longer heating or cooling an empty house.
  • Lets you turn down the heat in case you forgot when leaving.
  • Eliminates the expense of hiring a caretaker to turn up the heat or check the house for frozen pipes.
  • Simple DIY installation means you don’t need to hire an electrician or HVAC contractor.
  • No recurring service company monitoring fees.


How to Get Started

There are only two requirements for installing and using an Internet thermostat:

1) A 24/7 high-speed Internet connection in your home.

2) A smartphone, computer or tablet loaded with your Internet thermostat’s free mobile app.


Popular Models

Venstar ColorTouch with Built-In Wi-Fi

Homeowners love the look of the Venstar ColorTouch, the high resolution digital thermostat with the attractive touch screen display.

  • New Venstar ColorTouch Thermostat with Wifi Option!Full HVAC control (Heat/AC/Off/Auto)
  • Works with gas, electric or heat pumps
  • Wireless communication with Internet router via Wi-Fi
  • Reports temperature by email and text message
  • Free mobile app for Apple, Android and Blackberry
  • Switchable: Programmable or non-programmable
  • Customizable screensaver and wallpaper
  • Humidification & dehumidification control available in T7900 model


BAYweb Internet Thermostat StandardBAYWeb Internet Thermostats

Energy-saving BAYWeb Internet Thermostats are fully-programmable and multi-functional and feature comprehensive energy management reporting, analysis and alerting functions as well as energy setting threshold alerts. With the addition of optional sensors you can also monitor for sump pump failures and break-ins.

  • Full HVAC control (Heat/AC/Off/Auto)
  • Works with gas, oil, or electric heat with air conditioning
  • Communicates with Internet router via an ethernet connection
  • Reports temperature and other alarms by email and text message
  • Free personal web portal for controlling thermostat from anywhere
  • Free smartphone app for Apple, Andriod and tablets
  • Keypad lockout feature so only authorized users can change temperature
  • Optional humidity sensing capability on the BAYWeb Professional model


Honeywell EConnect Wireless Line Voltage Thermostat w/ GatewayHoneywell E-Connect (for Electric Baseboard Heating)

Many older vacation homes were built with electric baseboard heating systems where the thermostat control is located near the floor. With the Honeywell E-Connect w/Gateway, you get all of the benefits of remote temperature control plus a more efficient way to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home.

  • E-Connect thermostat mounts on any wall, making it easier to reach and where it can better sense room temperature
  • Includes the RedLINK Internet Gateway for remote temperature control via a smartphone, computer or tablet
  • Gateway communicates with Internet router via an ethernet connection
  • Easy, wireless installation of electronic interface modules (EIM) eliminates opening walls for system or control upgrades
  • Programmable thermostat enables energy savings of up to 33%
  • Sends high and low temperature and humidity messaging alerts by email or text message
  • Communicates with Internet router via an ethernet connection


Internet Thermostats for Smart Homes and “Dumb” Homes

Venstar T3700 Voyager Residential Digital Thermostat If your cabin or condo is already equipped with a smart home system, the new programmable Venstar Voyager Residential Digital Thermostat is instantly compatible with the major smart home communications protocols by adding either a WiFi, Z-Wave and ZigBee module. The Voyager Thermostat works with gas, electric or heat pump heating systems and comes with a free mobile app for Apple, Android and Blackberry devices. It has all of the important features of the Venstar Colortouch thermostat plus an outdoor temperature sensor so you can modify your home’s temperature based on the current weather outside.

And for homeowners who do not have full-time Internet service but still want the luxury of pre-warming their “dumb” vacation house, there are many landline phone-based and cellular-based remote control thermostats on the market. Take a look at this remote thermostat control comparison chart and contact the tech support team at if you need additional information.






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