Internet Thermostats Save on Air Conditioning Costs

It’s that time! Sweltering heat and awful humidity make you want to crank up that AC! Unfortunately, your electric bill will get cranked up right along with it. Programmable thermostats come in handy to help save on air conditioning costs, if your life operates like clockwork. But many people don’t have the luxury of a perfectly predictable schedule. Perhaps you have an event to go to one evening and you won’t be home until late…do you want your programmable thermostat cooling the empty house all evening for you?

That dilemma is solved with the BayWeb Internet Thermostat. The BayWeb thermostat offers full control of your thermostat from any internet-connected computer or web-enabled mobile phone. You can set a schedule if you’d like, but you can also override that schedule on-the-fly from anywhere at anytime.

The BayWeb also offers many other nifty features, like the ability to use motion sensors for occupancy-based heating or home security alerts. It even tracks your HVAC system’s energy usage.

Stop paying to cool an empty house! The BayWeb thermostat, starting at $199, will more than pay for itself. Check it out at

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