Go from C-O-L-D to Cozy with a Remote Control Thermostat

Hardy skiers will agree that opening the door to a warm cabin after the Friday night drive is the ultimate welcome, a wish that is easily made reality by installing a remote control thermostat.   If having the ability to transform a cold house to a cozy house before you arrive sounds appealing, here’s a list of reasons why a remote control thermostat should be your next vacation home upgrade.  This article also highlights of some of the most popular phone controlled and Internet enabled models.Remote control thermostat


Adjust Temperature Before you Arrive or After you Leave

With a remote control thermostat, you can adjust the temperature in your vacation house before you get there from virtually anywhere. Winter vacation homeowners can begin the warming process before they arrive by contacting the remote thermostat by landline phone, cell phone, smartphone or computer (based on which the model you have) and turning up the heat.  It’s that simple!  And if you forget to turn the heat down after you leave, the command to lower the temperature is just as easy.

Even homes with electric heating systems can be controlled remotely with an-easy-to-install Honeywell EConnect wireless thermostat equipped with a RedLINK Internet Gateway.


New Venstar ColorTouch Thermostat with Wifi Option!Reduce Energy Bills

Everyone wants to cut their heating and cooling bills these days. Regardless of the type of heating or cooling system you have, there’s a compatible remote control thermostat that will minimize energy consumption while your home is vacant and protect it from damage caused by freezing temperatures, excessive heat and humidity. Choose the model that works for you based on the type of communications methods available at your home – Internet, landline phone or cellular.

If you love controlling things from your Smartphone, consider the Venstar ColorTouch Thermostat with Wifi Option. It has a mobile app that allows users to control energy usage from nearly any location, at any time.


Doubles as a Freeze Alarm

Bluetooth Cellular Freeze AlarmMany remote thermostats do double-duty as a freeze (or heat) alarm so you no longer have to worry that about an unexpected power outage or furnace failure.  Your remote control thermostat will notify you by phone, email or text when temperatures in your vacation home reach dangerous highs or lows so you can remedy the situation before pipes freeze and cause real damage.

Some remote thermostat models, like the Sensaphone 400 and BAYWeb Internet Thermostat, accept additional environmental and security sensors to alert you of other emergency conditions such as smoke, flooding and break-ins.  And if your home does not have a landline phone or Internet service, there are cellular solutions that communicate via cellular signal.


Instant Status Reports

BAYWeb Internet thermostats have a personal web portal to check current status How would you like to have the ability to check the status of your vacation home with a simple phone call or glance at your smartphone? Nearly all remote control thermostats allow you to check in to get a real-time temperature reading. Models like the Sensaphone 400 and BAYWeb accept additional sensors that allow you to get updates on other conditions like water in the basement, burglaries and high humidity levels. If you choose an Internet-enabled remote thermostat, such as the BAYWeb, you can access status reports through your PC or smartphone.


Reduce Caretaker Costs

With a remote thermostat, you no longer have to pay your caretaker to come over to turn up the heat before you arrive. And if you install a remote thermostat with additional sensors, you’ll also be able to monitor for concerns like flooding and break-ins yourself, instead of paying a professional security service or relying on caretaker visits.



Mi Casa Verde Z-Wave Home Automation- Build Your Own KitA phone or Internet remote control thermostat gives you the ability to turn up the heat in your vacation home remotely, so you’ll open the door to a warm, cozy cabin every time.    For additional information and guidance on selecting a remote thermostat, take a look at this remote thermostat control comparison chart and video tutorial.

And for the ultimate in remote home control, consider the VeraEdge Z-Wave Controller by Mi Casa Verde.  It’s compatible with a wider universe of devices than any competitor — over 1,200 off-the-shelf wireless Z-wave modules or devices, regardless of brand or technology — and can be used to control over 220 devices in your home or small business.


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