Electronic Pest Control Devices are Surprisingly Effective (and Humane)

Whether it’s white tailed deer or grey squirrels or neighborhood cats, the battle to keep pesky animals out of your yard and garden is finally easier with the introduction of several electronic pest control devices.  Backyard pests like deer are not only destructive to shrubs, flowering plants and vegetable gardens, they can also transmit Lyme and other serious diseases.  The same goes for roaming felines who like to use flowerbeds and children’s sandboxes for a litter box.  If you’re looking for an effective way to rid your property of unwanted animals like these, take a look at the electronic pest control devices featured in this article.electronic pest control devices


Benefits of Electronic Pest Control Gadgets vs. Traditional Repellents

High cost, nasty odors, health hazards, ineffectiveness and labor-intense reapplications are common complaints of homeowners who have tried chemical and natural pest repellents to keep hungry deer, squirrels, raccoons, birds and other creatures out of their garden and yard.

Electronic pest control devices are a welcome alternative to traditional repellents because they’re:

  • Safe for use around people – no hazardous chemicals
  • Safe and humane for target animals and innocent pets
  • Effective for discouraging and repelling pests
  • Offer easy, one-time setup
  • Battery-powered – easy installation and low-cost maintenance
  • Affordably priced – eliminates the need for costly fences or ongoing purchases of repellents


Deer:  The Herd Everyone Wants to Deter

Throughout much of North America, deer have become a common pest in many communities and backyards, feasting year-round on expensive shrubs and plants.  The Deerchaser is a small device that uses a special sound level and light intensity to scare away deer without bothering people.  Developed by a PhD plant scientist, the Deerchaser has a wide angle of sensitivity — up to 25 feet from the unit – and can protect an area or redirect a deer’s path of travel away from garden plants.


Contech SquirrelStop Automatic Bird Feeder HangerSquirrels:  Enemy of the Backyard Birdfeeder

If you’re tired of hungry squirrels devouring the birdseed intended for your feathered friends, then try attaching the SquirrelStop to your hanging bird feeder.  When a squirrel climbs onto the feeder, the increased weight starts the SquirrelStop’s motor, which spins the feeder and causes the squirrel to jump off.  Feeding birds weigh less so they won’t activate the device when they land to eat.


Cats:  Nice…But Not in My Backyard!

Whether an intruding cat is a stray or somebody’s pet, no one wants cat feces in their garden, flower bed or child’s sandbox, but how can you keep wandering felines out of your yard?   Simply install a CatStop motion-activated device in the outdoor area you want to protect.  When a cat comes near, CatStop will emit a sudden burst of ultrasonic sound that will startle the cat and send it running.  This device safely monitors up to 280 square feet day and night, without chemicals or unsightly barriers.

The Animal Away Pro Electronic Repeller and the Animal Chaser, two other cat-repellent devices that drive cats away using inaudible sound, can also be used to chase away dogs and raccoons.


Critters:  Build it and they will Come!

In case you haven’t learned, it’s inevitable that a variety of critters will be attracted to your flower garden, vegetable patch or fish pond!  Is it possible to keep them all out?  You can, using the ScareCrow motion-activated sprinkler.  This simple device works amazingly well to repel all kinds of unwanted animals — including deer, raccoons and dogs — by scaring them away with a sudden blast of water when they get too close.  One ScareCrow covers approximately 1,200 square feet.  Link several together to form a larger water barrier.


P3 Bird Chaser with built-in PIR SensorPesky Birds:  Feathered (Not) Friends

Certain birds in certain places can be a nuisance, especially in farms, yards, orchards, gardens and public buildings and parking lots where unwanted birds tend to flock.  The Birdchaser audio deterrent is the novel and safe way to chase pesky sparrows, blackbirds, pigeons and crows off your property.  Birdchaser has a built-in motion sensor and uses two types of audio deterrents that are irritating to birds but harmless to humans.  One setting is actually inaudible to people.


Burrowing Rodents:  Not Under My Backyard!

Did you ever wonder who is digging those unsightly tunnels under your lawn?  A mole, gopher, vole or shrew is probably the culprit — destructive burrowing rodents that can be hard to get rid of.  But now’s there a novel solar-powered device called the Sol Mate Vibrasonic Mole & Gopher Chaser that chases rodents away by making a powerful vibrating sound that the animals find irritating.  Each spike-shaped unit covers up to 13,500 square feet (1/3 acre).  The Sol Mate Solar Mole & Gopher Chaser, which repels rodents by producing a sonic pulse, covers an area of approximately 7,500 square feet (1/6 acre).  Both units are environmentally-friendly and safe to use around children and pets.


Get Ready for Spring & Summer:  Arm Your Yard

Protecting your yard and garden from destructive and pesky animals can be easy this spring and summer when you arm it with an electronic pest control device. All of these pest control devices are affordably priced from $39 to $59.  And unlike traditional repellents, they are a one-time investment that provide a safe and humane way to rid your property of unwanted animals for years to come.

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