Choosing Components for a DIY Wireless Home Security System

Wireless security systems offer do-it-yourself homeowners big savings over professionally installed hard-wired systems on three levels:  the initial cost of the equipment is less;  professional installation costs are eliminated; and expensive outside monitoring services are unnecessary.   If you’re considering a do-it-yourself wireless home security system, the kits and components offered by Rokonet’s WisDom Wireless are some of the easiest to install and program.  And, WisDom Wireless’ advanced wireless technology and broad range of optional components allows homeowners to design a customized home security system that’s on par with a professional installation.Rokonet WisDom Wireless Security System - VALUE Kit


Here is an overview of the major components you will need to put together a WisDom Wireless home security system that fits your exact needs.  Note that you can also choose from a selection of WisDom Wireless kits — Basic, Value and Bonus — that come with key components to make it even easier for you to get started.


Control Panel

The WisDom Wireless control panel serves as the heart and brains of the system and connects to the various sensors and the communications source, which is usually a landline phone.  In homes with a landline connection, a GSM Cellular Module can be used.  In the case of a break-in, fire or other threat, the control panel automatically dials the homeowner (up to four phone numbers) or a central monitoring station with an alert.

The control panel has a keypad to arm and disarm the system and can accept up to 32 wireless sensors, in addition to one wired zone. It allows three “partitions” so you can selectively arm/disarm up to three areas of your home, and it offers two-way voice communication so you can talk to the monitoring station if there is an emergency or false alarm.



Wireless keypadsWisDom Wireless Keypad provides pushbutton activation of your security system located at your home’s entrances provide push-button activation of the security system based on a code you pick. The WisDom Wireless allows additional user codes so workers or friends can have access to your home without setting off the alarm.  You can also give “temporary” access to others which can be changed later at your discretion — a useful feature for rental properties.



A keyfob is a miniature transmitter that is used as a remote control with push-button functionality for arming, disarming, stay, panic and output operations. The WisDom Wireless system comes with one keyfob and can take up to eight.


Door and Window Contact Sensors

Wireless door and window sensors are two-piece magnetic switches that activate when the window or door is opened and the contact is broken. WisDom Wireless door and window sensors are powered by long-lasting lithium batteries that last 3-5 years.


PIR Motion Sensors

Wireless passive infrared (PIR) motion detectors detect intruders by sensing motion or body heat. WisDom Wireless motion sensors are powered by long-lasting lithium batteries that last 3-5 years.


WisDom Wireless PET-Immune PIR Motion SensorPet Immune Motion Sensors

This new pet-friendly technology allows dogs and cats of up to 80 pounds to roam about the house freely while still protecting the home against intruders.


Smoke Detectors

Unlike a battery-powered standalone smoke detector, WisDom Wireless smoke detector units connect to the home security system’s control panel. If smoke is detected, an audible siren sounds and a phone alert is sent out to the homeowner and/or central monitoring station, so the home is protected even when it is unoccupied.


Glassbreak Detectors

WisDom Wireless offers two types are available. An acoustic glassbreak detector recognizes the sound of breaking of glass while ignoring non-framed glass breakage and other possible sources of false alarm. A shock glassbreak detector attaches to the window and senses the shock of shattering glass.


SirensThe Doberman Indoor/Outdoor Wired Siren with Blue Strobe

The WisDom Wireless system comes with a built-in 100dB internal siren and is equipped with a 500mA external siren driver for optional additional siren. There are several sirens that are compatible with the WisDom Wireless system, including a wireless internal siren/sounder; wired external sounder; and an wired indoor/outdoor siren and strobe light combo.  External sirens usually have a pre-alarm feature that begins at entry delay countdown and sends out an alarm notification if the system is vandalized during entry delay.  Note that some external sirens are wireless and others are hardwired.



There are many wireless home security systems on the market today, but the WisDom Wireless system is recognized as one of the most complete whole-home security systems available today for the do-it-yourselfer. It is easy to install and features an autodialer that will call up to four phone numbers in the event of an emergency, allowing you to forgo expensive monthly central monitoring station fees. For additional cost savings, purchase one of the WisDom Wireless kits that include a main control panel and a variety of sensors.


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