Wireless Thermostat Lets Seniors Control Temperature From Any Room

Remote-controlled devices empower seniorsMost seniors want to be in control of their lives and dread the day when they have to depend on others for basic needs, which is why remote-controlled devices are so empowering for the elderly and bedridden. Being able to remotely control the TV and other appliances is a huge convenience for seniors. Now, with a device called a wireless thermostat, they can also adjust the temperature of the specific room they are in without having to get out of bed or up from their seat.

In a typical home or apartment, there are one or two heating and air conditioning zones that are regulated by a wall thermostat located somewhere in the zone. Because temperature is maintained where the thermostat is located, rooms located far away from the thermostat suffer from uneven heating and cooling. So, for instance, if the only thermostat in the apartment is located in the kitchen, the master bedroom at the end of the hallway will probably feel too warm or too cold.

Venstar wireless thermostatWith a handheld wireless thermostat, the ability to control the surrounding temperature is completely portable! Seniors can carry their wireless thermostat with them easily as they move from room to room and adjust the temperature according to their comfort level. If it’s too drafty in the living room where they are sitting, they can use their wireless thermostat to turn up the heat without having to trudge down the hall to the wall thermostat.

It’s easy to install a wireless thermostat system. Just remove the old wall thermostat and replace it with a base station receiver. The receiver can also be mounted on the HVAC unit. By placing additional wireless thermostats around the house, seniors can have instant access to temperature control everywhere without having to carry the wireless thermostat with them. Most wireless thermostat receivers can accommodate up to four wireless thermostats.

Wireless thermostats can transmit through walls and floors. The system made by Venstar, for example, transmits at a range up to 500 feet in clear air and uses pulse code modulation so it won’t interfere with other wireless devices.

A wireless thermostat kit with receiver and transmitter is a great way to give seniors instant access to comfort and convenience for less than $250. For additional convenience and energy savings, look for a system that offers multi-day programming that will automatically adjust temperatures for periods of time when the home is unoccupied and each night at bedtime.

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