Staying Safe and Connected During the COVID-19 Outbreak

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people across the country and around the world are living and working. With social distancing, stay-at-home regulations, and quarantines the new norm, more people than ever are searching for ways to stay connected safely.

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We’re sharing some suggestions for keeping in touch and ensuring the safety of friends and family who cannot have visitors or venture out during this difficult time. We’ve also included a few ideas to help you enjoy your time indoors whether you’re home alone or managing a crowded household.

When Staying Connected is Essential 

For many of us, the phone is the easiest way to stay connected with loved ones. However, talking on the phone can be extremely frustrating for people with hearing loss. Fortunately, there’s a wide selection of amplified phones for the hearing impaired that offer a variety of features in corded, cordless or hands-free models.

Amplicon’s PowerTel 760 Assure Amplified Corded Telephone with Integrated Answering Machine provides exceptional sound with adjustable amplification right on the handset. Big buttons make dialing easy, and the talk-back buttons lets you hear the numbers so you can avoid misdialing. The Caller ID Announce feature helps you screen calls. Clarity’s Photo Phone P300 Amplified Phone makes sounds not only louder, but also clearer and easier to understand. With up to 26 decibels of amplification and programmable photo memory buttons, it’s the perfect option for those with mild-to-moderate hearing loss or low vision.

Close this windowWhen Home-Alone Seniors Need Medical Assistance

Now more than ever, self-sufficient seniors need fast access to emergency assistance if an unexpected health event prevents them from getting to a phone. The Freedomalert Personal Emergency Response System provides a reliable way to summon help. The system can be preprogrammed to dial up to four numbers of family, friends or neighbors and will call 911 if there is no answer. Freedomalert works on any standard landline phone with touch-tone capability and 911 service and requires no monthly fees.

The Belle LTE Personal Alert System is a cellular-based monitored alert system that works anywhere in the U.S. on 4G Verizon LTE or 3G ATT. The lightweight, waterproof pendant has a large call button, and professional ResponseNow operators are ready to offer assistance 24/7/365. For big emergencies, they can send emergency responders. The Belle+ Personal Alert System automatically detects most falls, and there is also a landline option for seniors without cell service.

Close this windowWhen Everyone is Watching TV at the Same Time

With everyone inside watching shows and movies, it may be time to check out a TV listening system. Users can listen to their favorite shows or music at any volume without disturbing others, making it a great option for any shared household.

The Sennheiser RS 5000 TV Amplifying System is a smart listening device that lets you listen to shows, movies, and music through a pair of wireless in-ear headphones and customize your TV sound experience. Pair it with the RR 5000 TV Amplifying System Receiver and add up to three extra headsets so family members can enjoy the same show or movie at personalized volume levels!

For crystal clear sound delivered directly to your ears without the discomfort of headphones, we suggest Audio Fox TV Listening Speakers. Connect the system to your TV, stereo or other multimedia equipment, place the wireless speakers over the back of your chair, couch or bed, and adjust the volume. Or opt for Serene Innovations’ TV SoundBox TV Listening Speaker System, which delivers stereo sound from the TV to you. No more missed words or blaring volume to disturb others in the room.

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When You Want to See That Loved Ones Are Safe

Although it may be unsafe to visit loved ones who are elderly or have compromised immune systems, a motion and sound-activated surveillance camera like the Arlo Pro Wire-Free HD Camera, Indoor/Outdoor, Night Vision Security System allows you to see that they are safe and sound. This home monitoring system eliminates the need for cords or electrical outlets, and each weather-resistant camera has infrared night vision and a 130-degree viewing angle for comprehensive coverage inside or out. It even works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant!

When it’s Time to Put a Fresh Spin on Cooking at Home

Health experts recommend we get plenty of fresh air, so celebrate the next beautiful spring day with a backyard BBQ. Cut-n-Que BBQ Sets have all the tools to grill the perfect family meal, including professional grade chef’s knives, cutting mats and grill tools with telescoping handles, packed in a portable carry case.

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If you’re worried about running short on food and water, stock up on Life Gear’s Life Essential 72-Hour Food & Water Kits. Each survival kit has a 5-year shelf life and contains a 3-day supply of food and water and a thermal blanket for warmth.

All of us at are doing our part to help slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus, while continuing to provide our customers with the service and products they need to stay safe, healthy and connected. As always, you can reach us by phone or email with questions or concerns.





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