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Cathy MacDowell is a comCathy MacDowell, author, blog.diycontrols.communications specialist with expertise in marketing. A freelance writer, she has written about a range of topics including portable power solutions, real estate, and the construction industry.


A resident of northern New Jersey, she and her husband bought a vacation home in Vermont nine years ago and recently inherited another vacation home in the Adirondacks. Thrust into the role of custodian for three properties, she was prompted to write articles advising other vacation homeowners on how to get more enjoyment out of their homes and deal with home-related problems that will inevitably arise.

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    1. Thanks for the information about Critter’s inflatable PFD for canines. We like the idea that this unique PFD is lightweight and comfortable for the dog to wear, but will inflate instantly should the he/she fall into the water accidentally. DIYControls does not review products such as yours, but we would definitely be interested in receiving links to the USCG articles you mention so we can add them to our article.

  2. I want notification to my cell phone when water rises inside my boat or when an automatic bilge pump turns on. This is a 12v system. Considering buying a WaterBug. Looking for an inexpensive dialer to interface. Other suggestions?

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